Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sirrah - Acme (1996)

Genre : Gothic Doom Death
(Male and female vocals)
Country : Poland

First album of the band, they play Doom Death with Gothic influences, melodic riffs, violin, keyboards, clean vocals, soprano, and deep grunts. The sound of the band is similar to some Doom bands, like The Sins of Thy Beloved, Tristania, Paradise Lost, etc. Recommended.

1.Acme 05:40
2.Passover 1944 04:28
3.On the Verge 05:42
4.A.U Tomb 05:42
5.Iridium 02:21
6.Pillbox Impressions 07:40
7.Panacea 03:07
8.Bitter Seas 05:58
9.In the final moment 02:35

Total playing time 43:21


Karba said...

Para mí este disco es entrañable, un pequeño clásico del género.

bobbysu said...

thank you very much