Friday, September 19, 2008

Whispering Forest - Of Shadows and Pale Light (1998)

Genre : Atmospheric Doom Death
(Male & female vocals)
Country : Estonia

Great album with excellent melodies. They use keyboards, violin and flute, death growls and enigmatic female vocals! Excelent work from Estonian's band. For fans of Ashes you Leaves, Chalice, Thalarion, Kimaera & early Theatre of Tragedy.

1.Curse 00:46
2.On These Darkest Autumn Nights 09:05
3.Last Sunset 06:26]
4.Winterbird 06:36]
5.Shine Of Lethe 04:02
6.Black Orchid 08:26]
7.Twined As One 04:44
8.Tulesonad (words of fire) 00:44
9.Darkest side 05:31]
10.Of Shadows And Pale Light 06:31

Total playing time 52:51

Whispering Forest

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