Sunday, December 14, 2008

Warning - Watching from a Distance (2006)

Genre : Melodic Doom / Classic Doom
Country : England

This is the second full-length of this magnificent band. Classic Doom in the best performance, with crushing and very depressive slow riffs. Heavily distorted guitars playing beautifully harmonious melodies. The vocals are clean, full of despair and anguish. This album is an amazing masterpiece, one of the best works in the Classic Doom stuff!

1.Watching from a Distance 12:06
2.Footprints 07:31
3.Bridges 11:30
4.Faces 08:31
5.Echoes 10:16

Total playing time 49:54


Luxferre said...

Definitivamente este disco cambió mi vida. Una real obra maestra.

F ábio said...

i heard only the song "Bridges". i guess i would say its a masterpiece of doom genre. thats the proof clean vocals fit amazingly to doom :D great band!