Sunday, December 7, 2008

Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere - D.R.O.N.E.R.E.X.I.A. (2007)

Genre : Atmospheric Drone Doom
Country : Spain

This is the last album of the band, contains a long song. They play Instrumental Drone Doom with atmospheric passages. Their melodies are sinister, obscure, enigmatic and desolate. The riffs are crushing with distorted bass. This album has a very interesting sound. Highly recommended for extreme doomsters!

For fans of Sun o))), Khanate, Aethenor, Earth, etc.


Total playing time 01:08:25


Anonymous said...

Yeah i have this band from your blog man..Very interesting in drone ambience..

Thanks and keep it up..

Anonymous said...

Only 6 strings procesed guitar was used on this analog recording. No bass, as you said.