Thursday, November 20, 2008

Urna - Sepulcrum (2006)

Genre : Atmospheric Black Doom
Country : Italy
This is the second full-length of the band. In this band forms part one member from "Arcana Coelestia". This is crushing Black Doom, with sinister melodies. The atmosphere is very dark, accompanied by keyboards and classical melodies. Their sound contains many atmospheric passages mixed with aggressive riffs, and tenebrous growls. This album is a very interesting work. Recommended!
For fans of Arcana Coelestia, Isolation, Beatrik and more.
1.Ab Vita Morte (In Fidei Abitus) 11:50
2.Intermezzo I 03:16
3.Fundamentum Et Factum 09:39
4.Intermezzo II 02:02
5.Mors Imperatrix Mundi MMVI 11:00
6.Postludium 01:27
7.Ego Sum 08:56
8.Sic Juvat Ire Sub Umbras MMVI 09:55
9.The Gate Of Nanna (Beherit cover) 05:44
Total playing time 01:03:49

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