Saturday, September 20, 2008

Until Death Overtakes Me - Symphony I - Deep Dark Red (2001)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Doom
Country : Belgium

This is a different band to others. The musical rythm is based on the keyboards, giving a mystic and sinister atmosphere, its sound is very dark and mysterious. Listen this album is an oniric long voyage. Highly recommended!
For fans of Mistress of the Dead, Nortt, Winter of Vehemence, Funerary Dirge, etc.

1.Silent Dreams 03:27
2.They Never Hope 14:34
3.In The Light Of Dying Summer 09:26
4.Never Again 14:39
5.Careless, Painless, Far Away 11:07
6.Towards The Emptiness 04:03

Total playing time 57:16

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