Friday, November 28, 2008

Somnium Mortuum - Eternal Sleep (2004)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Doom
Country : Germany

This is the amazing debut album of this Funeral band. The atmosphere is dense and majestic, created by keyboards very well performed. The melodies are desolation, hopeless, anguish, and sorrow. The riffs are slow and heavy. Other high point are the vocals, are powerful grunts, screaming growls, and clean anguished voices. This is a desolation album for these coldness days!
Highly recommended!

1.Somnium Mortuum 02:10
2.Bygone Future 07:37
3.Unknown Distances 09:56
4.Predetermined Chaos 04:04
5.The Unreachable Salvation 07:35
6.This Flame Will Burn Forever 06:39
7.The Wrath of the Doomed One 05:55
8.Longing for Eternal Sleep 05:53
9.The Failure of Imagination 10:17

Total playing time 01:00:06

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deidra said...

I absolutely love this album. So majestic, such a wonderful atmosphere. Do you know if they released any new material? (thank you very much for uploading this.)