Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Silent Cry - Goddess of Tears (2000)

Genre : Melancholic Gothic Doom
(Female & Male Vocals)
Country : Brazil

This is the second Silent Cry's album. In this work they play Melodic Gothic Doom, with female vocals, some Death grunts and clean voices. Their melodies are melancholy and sadness. This is one of the best works of the band. Highly recommended!

1.Desire of Dreams 05:35
2.Last Visions 04:53
3.Tears of Serenity 03:25
4.Eclipse 04:36
5.Crying Violins 05:09
6.Illusions of Perfection 06:11
7.The End of the Innocence 03:42
8.Good-bye in the Silence 06:58

Total playing time 41:28


Anonymous said...

I'm searching for the album of Serentiy ''Breathihg Demons'', an english doom metal band.
Can you help me brother?
Your blog kick ass, thank you!

Doomstermaniac said...


I have only Serenity "Then Came Silence".

Dark greetings.