Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lethian Dreams - Mournful Whispers (Demo 2003) / Lost In Grief (Demo 2004)

Mournful Whispers (Demo 2003)

Genre : Depressive Doom Death
(Female and male vocals)
Country : France

This is the great first work of this fantastic band. In these Demos take part members from Remembrance, Ningizzia and Inborn Suffering. Very recommended!!!

1.Intro 01:52
2.Thy Will Be Done 06:46
3.Last Winter Night 06:17
4.Mournful Whispers 10:09

Playing time 25:04

Lost in Grief (Demo 2004)

Genre : Depressive Doom Death

This is heartbreaking's too suffering! Listen this mature second Demo is die of sadness. The fourth track "Taking Away My Sanity" is incredible, the female vocals is totally depressive accompanied by death grunts very deep with full pain. For my this is the best song of the band. Essential listen this material, this is Doooom!!!

1.Sea of Sadness 01:50
2.Lost in Grief 09:09
3.Toward the Void 05:52
4.Taking Away My Sanity 09:29
5.For a Brighter Death 08:25

Playing time 34:45

Total playing time 59:50

Download Demo 2003 + Demo 2004

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