Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ahab - The Divinity of Oceans (2009) Official Release! (CD rip)

Genre : Nautic Funeral Doom
Country : Germany
Bitrate : 320 kbps
Password : doomsters

This is the second wonderful album of this awesome band. This release is not only Funeral Doom, also have influences from other genres like progressive, avant-garde, old school, and Epic Metal. Really, in this album Ahab evolves their sound into mystic and enigmatic places.

The melodies are magnificent and very well performed, with crushing guitars, awesome melodic riffs, sinister moments, melancholic interludes, instrumental passages (full of anguish, sadness and bleakness), enigmatic atmosphere, rhythm changes, sorrowful clean vocals, and deepest grunts.

"The Divinity of Oceans" is the best album that I have heard this year, and one of the best Funeral Doom albums of all times, surely it will be the best one of 2009.

This album is highly recommended for all doomsters. If you don't purchase this album you're not a true doomster!

Note : Official release, CD rip without voice-over, narrator or propaganda!
1.Yet Another Raft of the Medusa (Pollard's Weakness) 12:40
2.The Divinity of Oceans 11:03
3.O Father Sea 07:07
4.Redemption Lost 10:25
5.Tombstone Carousal 07:27
6.Gnawing Bones (Coffin's Lot) 10:48
7.Nickerson's Theme 08:06

Total playing time 01:07:36

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stabat Mater - Stabat Mater (2009)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Finland
Bitrate : 320 Kbps

Finally, Stabat Mater release their first full-length, in this album the band has evolved their sound with excellent results. Now, Stabat Mater plays Funeral Doom with crushing melodies, melodic passages, distorted riffs without saturation, obscure melancholy, bleak atmosphere, some aggressive passages, and deepest grunts.
The best track is "Stabat Mater", in the final minutes uses gregorian music and clean vocals like an epic litany, getting a good performance. The band really has surprised me!
This album is highly recommended!

1.Untitled 00:10
2.Triumph of Genocide 10:14
3.Untitled 00:10
4.Untitled 00:10
5.Casting the First Stone 08:12
6.Stabat Mater 19:37

Total playing time 38:29

Other releases from Stabat Mater :
Stabat Mater - Rehearsal (Demo 2001)
Worship & Stabat Mater (Split 2002)
Stabat Mater & Mournful Congregation (Split 2004)
Stabat Mater - Church of the Flagellation (Split 2004)
Stabat Mater & A.M. (Split 2006)

Symphony of Grief - Our Blessed Conqueror (EP 1995)

Genre : Death Doom with Funeral influences
Country : United States
Bitrate : 192 Kbps
Symphony of Grief plays Death Doom with old school influences, raw melodies, slow interludes, aggressive moments, obscure atmosphere, and deep grunts. This band is recommended for fans of Winter, Asphyx, Disembowelment, Indesinence, Thergothon, etc.
Their best release may be "Our Blessed Conqueror" with many ultra-slow melodies, and almost Funeral Doom/Death rhythm.
All their releases are highly recommended!

1.Toth Amon/Your Fallen Domain 08:05
2.Wars of Vengeance 06:43
3.Cast Upon Flames 03:35
4.Spectral Voice (Intro) 02:02
5.Immortal Fluids 04:52

Total playing time 25:17

Symphony of Grief - Regurgitated Corpses Drowning in Sorrow (EP 1994)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : United States
Bitrate : 320 Kbps

1.Cerberus 03:24
2.Ritual Disembowlment 04:22

Total playing time 07:46

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Forest Stream - The Crown Of Winter (2009)

Genre : Atmospheric Black Gothic Doom
Country : Russia
Bitrate : 320 Kbps

This is the awaited second album from this Russian band. This work has many differences with their previous album released 6 years ago, but it's a great release. Their style has influences from Black, Gothic and Doom Death Metal, mixed with melodic riffs, acoustic interludes, beautiful melodies, sorrowful moments, strong passages, symphonic arrangements, magnificent atmospheres, rhythm changes, keyboards, clean vocals, female choirs, screaming growls and deep grunts. This release is highly recommended!

1.Feral Magic (intro) 02:19
2.The Crown Of Winter 11:44
3.Mired 09:27
4.Bless You To Die 07:38
5.The Autumn Dancers 08:40
6.The Seventh Symphony Of Satan 09:05
7.Beautiful Nature 09:24
8.My Awakening Dreamland (outro) 01:38

Total playing time 59:55

Link to the first album :
Forest Stream - Tears of Mortal Solitude (2003)

Tales of Dark... - Perdition Calls (2009)

Genre : Melodic Gothic Doom Death
Country : Serbia
Bitrate : 320 Kbps

Second full-length from this interesting band. Their style is Doom Death with Gothic influences, melodic riffs, slow guitars, sorrowful interludes, keyboards, clean vocals, female voices, and deep grunts. Is a very interesting album and has My Dying Bride influences.
Highly recommended!

1.Wretched Fate For All 07:30
2.Allegoria Of An Eternal Sundown 06:28
3.Sounds Of The Ravage 07:55
4.Unassembled 05:08
5.The Crown Of Venomous Silence 05:53
6.Soft Pluvia Murmurs Piano 09:21
7.Hollow 05:36
8.The Majestic Nothingness 09:17
9.From Scarveiled Hearts 06:34

Total playing time 01:03:42

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mourning Dawn - For The Fallen (2009)

Genre : Depressive Dark Black Doom
Country : France

Awesome second album of this magnificent band. This work is simply 100% agony! The melodies are despair, suffering, madness, melancholy, darkness, sadness and total depression!... Hearing this album you will end devastated!

This album has crushing melodies, bleak guitars, perfect melodic riffs, claustrophobic atmosphere, amazing screaming growls and obscure clean vocals (guest vocals by Jonathan Thery from Ataraxie, Funeralium and Hyadningar). This is the best work of the band!
Highly recommended!!!

1.In Flanders Fields 03:49
2.God Damn the Sun 10:53
3.Stick 09:28
4.Epitaph 04:31
5.For the Fallen 15:15
6.Death Youth 10:36
7.The Rivers Flow 08:28
8.Ashes 05:59

Total playing time 01:08:59

Touch of Cruel Hands - Sors (1995)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Germany
Bitrate : 224 kbps

Touch of Cruel Hands is a very interesting band that plays Doom Death with some Epic influences, crushing riffs, guitar solos, melodic interludes, acoustic passages, grunts and clean vocals (the vocals remind me to early Soulsearch).
Their releases are recommended!

1.Touch Of Cruel Hands 05:24
2.A Figure Of No Avail 06:05
3.Clock's Long Hand Stands Still 05:24
4.Joshua 03:56
5.In The Maze Of Lunacy 03:48
6.Sors (Fate) 01:19
7.Spendthrift Of Yourself 05:40
8.Your Own Hero Legend 05:36
9.The Storm 05:27
10.Little Step 05:36

Total playing time 48:36

Touch of Cruel Hands - Dead Man's Hand (EP 1993)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : Germany
Bitrate : 320 kbps

1.Lamentation Beyond 06:12
2.Afraid of the Last way 04:39
3.The Throne of Convenience 05:39
4.Your Secret 06:11
5.Dead Man's Hand 05:33

Total playing time 28:16

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lethian Dreams - Bleak Silver Streams (2009)

Genre : Depressive Doom Metal/Melancholic Doom Death
(Male & female vocals & deep grunts)
Country : France
Bitrate : 320 kbps
This is the awaited full-length from Lethian Dreams. This album contains 4 remastered tracks from their promo called "Requiem for my Soul..." and 2 new tracks (Requiem & Severance); these new tracks are crushing and melancholic Doom Death with female vocals and deep grunts. These tracks are pure sadness, despair, agony, suffering and beautiful darkness. Highly recommended!!!

Note : For any future great release the password will be changed. You can join to the blog, days before, and receive any future password by e-mail. If you are not follower, await some hours to unblock the archive!
I think it's a prize to the followers for your continuous support!
Password Lethian Dreams :
1.Elusive 09:09
2.In Seclusion 08:12
3.Under Her Wings 09:17
4.Requiem 08:03
5.Severance 09:15
6.For A Brighter Death 09:55

Total playing time 53:51

Pantheist - 1000 Years (Demo 2001)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Belgium (early) / England (now)

This Demo is really awesome, it's a masterpiece in the Funeral Doom, full of darkness, melancholy, sadness, agony and pain. This was the first release from Pantheist and contains many of the best tracks of this excellent band. The band plays a mixture between Funeral Doom and Classical Music, accompanied by slow sorrowful melodies, bleak piano/organ, and very obscure atmospheres. This Demo represents one of the best moments in the Funeral Doom genre. Absolutely recommended!!!

1.1000 Years (Intro) 02:35
2.Time 07:24
3.Lust 04:57
4.Envy Us 07:56
5.Liefde Voor Niemand 04:05
6.1000 Years 06:03

Total playing time 33:00

Fall of the Idols - The Womb of the Earth (2006)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : Finland
Fall of the Idols plays Doom Metal with Traditional and some Epic Doom influences. In their first two demos the sound has hardcore influences, after the band has moved to most Traditional sound, released 2 excellent albums. All these releases are recommended!

1.Sown are the Seeds of Doom 08:03
2.Atonement for the One 07:37
3.The Grand Act 05:12
4.Agonies be thy Children 07:55
5.Keep Wandering the Night 07:16
6.Ungodly Thirteen 08:08
7.The Walk 05:03
8.The Pathway 15:51

Total playing time 01:05:05

Fall of the Idols - The Séance (2008)

Genre : Doom Metal
Country : Finland

1.Nosophoros 08:47
2.The Conqueror Worm 06:58
3.At the Birth of the Human Shadow 06:56
4.My Home the Gallows 11:24
5.Cathedral of Doom 06:59
6.Cold Air 06:14
7.An Age Comes to its End 10:58

Total playing time 58:16

Fall of the Idols - Demo 2002

Genre : Doom Metal
Country : Finland

1.In The Mires 03:54
2.Cruelty Without Beauty 03:25
3.Plastic Solution 05:22
4.Per Aspera Ad Aspera 03:25

Total playing time 16:06

Fall of the Idols - Fall of the Idols (EP 2004)

Genre : Doom Metal
Country : Finland

1.Vile Matters 05:42
2.Burnt 03:01
3.Lament 05:12
4.Crawl Back In My Hole 05:10
5.Flowers 08:33

Total playing time 27:38

Fall of the Idols - Agonies Be Thy Children (Demo 2005)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : Finland

1.Halls Of The Forgotten 06:00
2.Agonies Be Thy Children 08:00
3.The Walk 04:33
4.Beneath The Burning Sun 09:06

Total playing time 27:40

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Funestum - The Gates of Eon (Demo 2009)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Ukraine

Awesome debut from Funestum!... They play Funeral Doom with ultra-slow guitars, melodic riffs, sorrowful violins, melancholic melodies, mournful keyboards, and excellent deep grunts. Really I hope that soon Funestum can realize a complete album, because is a very interesting band! Highly recommended!!!

1.The Gates of Eon 13:56

Total playing time 13:56

St. Valentine's Day - In Black Velvet Streams (1998)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death/Black (Male & Female vocals)
Country : Ukraine

This is the only album from this Ukrainian band. Their style is based in Doom Death/Black genre with some Gothic/Dark and Funeral Doom influences. This album have many rhythm changes and style changes, with melodic riffs, raw moments, beautiful interludes, obscure atmosphere, sinister keyboards, ultra-slow passages, cavernous grunts, screaming vocals, brutal growls, and desolated female vocals. Very interesting release. Highly recommended!

1.In Black Velvet Streams 01:07
2.My Birthday 09:47
3.Demon Wind 07:09
4.Happy Tonight 10:36
5.Her Slow Disapperance Under Satanic Shade 07:11
6.When Darkness Falls 09:28

Total playing time 45:19

Les Ténèbres - ...and the Waves Came Crushing Down (EP 2009)

Genre : Melodic Doom
Country : Norway

First release of this new band. Their style is Melodic Doom with rhythm changes, acoustic passages, slow interludes, melodic riffs, guitar solos, and clean vocals. Interesting debut.

1.The Storm 07:11
2.Remembrance 07:36
3.A Dream Within a Dream 05:34
4.Om Visne Blomster Og Tider Som Var 09:24

Total playing time 29:46

Friday, July 17, 2009

In Loving Memory - Tragedy & Moon (2008)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Spain

Excellent first full-length of the band. In Loving Memory has experimented a style change, now without female vocals and playing Doom Death, the result is awesome!... This release is crushing Melodic Doom Death with strong guitars, powerful melodies, melodic riffs, slow interludes, deep grunts and some dying clean vocals. This is one of the best releases that I've heard from Spain.
Highly recommended!

1.Anger Within 05:36
2.Intra Nebulam 05:35
3.Terrae Filius 07:24
4.Extremus Illae Spiritus 07:54
5.Lux Alba 07:02
6.Tear Slave 06:47
7.Soil In Blood 07:08
8.Tragedy & Moon 09:10

Total playing time 56:36

Link to the first release :

In Loving Memory - In Loving Memory (Demo 2006)

Apostle of Solitude - Apostle of Solitude (Demo 2005)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : United States

Awesome debut from Apostle of Solitude. It's crushing Traditional Doom with ultra-heavy riffs, slow melodies, excellent compositions, guitar solos, obscure interludes, and perfect clean vocals. These songs are non album tracks. This is magnificent classic Doom.
Highly recommended!

1.Of Sorrow and Ruin (Instrumental) 04:20
2.Pale, Sick Horse 10:35
3.Surrounded by Snakes 09:12

Total playing time 24:07

Other releases of the band :

Apostle of Solitude - Embrace by the Black (EP 2006)

Apostle of Solitude - Sincerest Misery (2008)

Mirror of Deception - Past & Present (Best of Compilation 2001)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : Germany

This album is a compilation of songs recorded between 1993 and 2000. This material is highly recommended!

1.Mirrorsoil (2000) 06:40
2.Yearn (2000) 06:23
3.Leaves (2000) 05:15
4.Wish (1997) 03:43
5.Weiss (1997) 04:44
6.Pale (1996) 04:04
7.Veil of Lead (1996) 06:48
8.Emptiness (1996) 05:03
9.Chapter X (1994) 07:13
10.Words Unspoken (1994) 05:27
11.Mysterious (1994) 04:09
12.Mirror of Deception (1994) 07:19
13.Mirror of Deception (1993) 05:55

Total playing time 01:12:43

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Process of Guilt - Erosion (2009)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : Portugal

This is the new album from Process of Guilt. This album is the confirmation of the band! Another piece of crushing Doom Death with strong guitars, melodic riffs, excellent compositions, rhythm changes, magnificent melodies, acoustic interludes, and powerful grunts. This album is sorrowful agony of the soul. It's one of my favorites of this year! Highly recommended!!!

1.Dust (The Circle Part I)
2.Waves (The Circle Part II)
3.Corrosion The Circle Part III)
4.Lava (The Circle Part IV)
5.Abandon (The Circle Part V)
6.The Circle (Erosion Part I)

Total playing time 55:57

Cryptal Darkness - Descend Into Thy Grave (EP 1996)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Australia

Excellent EP from Cryptal Darkness. It's Melodic Doom Death in magnificent performance. Highly recommended!

1.Descend Into Thy Grave 05:01
2.Departure Of Autumn Tears 03:38
3.Lost Visions Of Sanity (Demo Version) 09:35
4.Descend Into Thy Grave (Radio Edit) 05:01

Total playing time 23:15

Wreck of the Hesperus - The Dilapidated Sky (Demo 2008)

Genre : Raw Funeral Doom
Country : Ireland

Wreck of the Hesperus it's known by your crushing and raw Funeral Doom releases with distorted riffs, obscure atmosphere, sinister melodies, bizarre sound, cavernous vocals and low screamings. These releases are extreme Funeral Doom in their most primitive essence!

1.The Dilapidated Sky - Part I 17:13
2.The Dilapidated Sky - Part II 16:49

Total playing time 34:02

Links to the first releases :

Wreck of the Hesperus - Eulogy for the Sewer Dwellers (EP 2005)

Wreck of the Hesperus - The Sunken Threshold (Album 2006)

Wreck of the Hesperus - Rotism (Single 2008)

Genre : Raw Funeral Doom/Noise
Country : Ireland

1.Rotism 14:10

Total playing time 14:10

Wreck of the Hesperus / De Novissimis (Split 2009)

Wreck of the Hesperus

Genre : Raw Funeral Doom
Country : Ireland

1.Raw Sewage Heart 11:54

De Novissimis

Genre : Extreme Sludge Doom
Country : Ireland

2.Worthy of Nothing 13:09

Total playing time 25:03

Monday, July 13, 2009

Novembers Doom - Into Night's Requiem Infernal (2009)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : United States

This is the last album from Novembers Doom, it's a crushing release with strong guitars, melodic riffs, powerful melodies, slow interludes, fast passages, guitar solos, obscure atmosphere, brutal moments, aggressive grunts and excellent clean vocals. This release is one of the most crushing and aggressive works from the band. Highly recommended!

1.Into Night's Requiem Infernal 05:46
2.Eulogy for the Living Lost 06:30
3.Empathy's Greed 06:17
4.The Fifth Day of March 05:16
5.Lazarus Regret 03:06
6.I Hurt Those I Adore 05:47
7.The Harlots Lie 05:32
8.When Desperation Fills the Void 06:44

Total playing time 44:58

The Black - Peccatis Nostris/Capistrani Pugnator (2004)

Genre : Heavy Doom
Country : Italia

The Black plays Heavy/Doom Metal, with Epic passages, heavy guitars, crushing riffs, guitar solos, excellent melodies, rhythm changes, slow moments, and clean vocals. This release is very recommended!
Thanks for this excellent contribution to Markes!

1.Pigritia 06:50
2.Avaritia 05:22
3.Superbia 08:20
4.Luxuria 04:40
5.Gula 04:40
6.Invidia 03:23
7.Ira 07:42
8.Kardiophylax 01:58
9.Praetutii 07:58
10.Miserere 06:14
11.Date Illi Honorem 04:54
12.Capistrani Pugnator 14:00

Total playing time 01:16:01

Diathra - Wistful Autumn Dance (2002)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Belarus

This is the first full-length of the band. Their style is Doom Death with some Gothic influences, melodic riffs, rhythm changes, intricate melodies, keyboards, deep grunts and female vocals. It's an interesting release. Recommended.

1.Nocturnal Bride 04:50
2.Two Candles 05:17
3.Desperate Cry 04:13
4.Come Back 03:17
5.Part of Soul 04:35
6.Prelude II 02:25
7.Ancient Gods 03:47
8.Wistful Autumn Dance 05:21
9.Winter 03:42
10.The Cold Sunrise 02:40

Total playing time 40:01

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ahab - The Divinity of Oceans (Promo 2009)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Germany

This is the second full-length from Ahab, other great album with crushing guitars, melodic riffs, obscure melodies, claustrophobic atmosphere, clean vocals and deep grunts. This album is crushing Funeral Doom but has many differences with their first masterpiece. Highly recommended!!!

Note : This album is a Promo with voice over in the tracks 5 - 7. This album is recommended for purchase. Release date July 24th.

1.Yet Another Raft of The Medusa (Pollard's Weakness) 12:40
2.The Divinity Of Oceans 11:03
3.O Father Sea 07:07
4.Redemption Lost 10:25
5.Tombstone Carousal 07:27
6.Gnawing Bones (Coffin's Lot) 10:48
7.Nickerson's Theme 08:06

Total playing time 01:07:36

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Bleeding - The Answerless Maze (EP 1998)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : Croatia

The Bleeding from Croatia plays Traditional Doom with Old School influences, heavy riffs, rhythm changes, guitar solos, obscure passages, and clean vocals in the traditional way. This band is very interesting!

Thanks for this contribution to Markes!

1.Night Sunstroke 07:27
2.The Witch Within You 06:46
3.Magic Medicine 06:40

Total playing time 30:50

The Bleeding - Promo '96 (Demo 1996)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : Croatia

Thanks for this contribution to Markes!

1.Fantaman's Return 04:24
2.Abstract Superworld 05:56
3.Space Lizard 05:03
4.The Cultivator 04:12

Total playing time 19:35

The Bleeding - The Sad Bloom (Demo 1994)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : Croatia

1.Don't Ride The Horse 07:38
2.Rising Free 05:20
3.New Storm 06:41

Total playing time 20:00

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lilith - Monolith (2007)

Genre : Black Doom
Country : Bolivia

This is the second full-length from Lilith. Their style is Black Metal with Doom influences, melodic riffs, raw passages, agressive moments, crushing melodies, and screaming growls. Recommended for extreme doomsters!

1.Blackheart 05:43
2.Monolith Of Death 05:21
3.Full Moon Pleasure 06:27
4.Death By Tact 05:23
5.Master Of Chaos 07:14
6.Warriors From The Dark Side 05:08
7.Ceremony Of Blood And Lust 04:32
8.Equinox 04:17
9.Magick And The Serpent 05:34
10.The Night And The Dark River 07:17

Total playing time 56:56

Cultus Sanguine - Shadows' Blood (1997)

Genre : Blackened Dark Gothic Doom
Country : Italy

Cultus Sanguine is a very obscure Italian band that plays Dark Gothic Doom with Black influences in their first release; melodic riffs, rhythm changes, obscure atmospheres, awesome gothic cathedral organ, sinister passages, mournful moments, screaming vocals and clean voices. This album is highly recommended!

1.The Calling Illusion 04:42
2.Il Sangue 05:56
3.Shadow's Blood 04:33
4.We Have No Mother 05:09
5.The Graves Forgot My Name 04:28
6.Lady Of Lies 04:42
7.On These Nocturnal Wings 04:11
8.Le Tombe 02:07
9.Silent Tunes Of Falling Blood 03:38
10.Among Shadows 02:26

Total playing time 41:52

Cultus Sanguine - The Sum of All Fears (1999)

Genre : Dark Gothic Doom
Country : Italy

1.The Sum Of All Fears 06:26
2.Verrà Il Tempo Dei Morti 07:38
3.Dominatress 04:56
4.Highest Depression 05:19
5.The Future Unveiled 04:40
6.A Grave Upon Mankind 06:18
7.In The Days Of Sombre 04:12
8.Ultimate Madre 02:17
9.As A Funeral Inside 08:19

Total playing time 50:05

Cultus Sanguine - Cultus Sanguine (EP 1995)

Genre : Dark Gothic Doom
Country : Italy

1.Il Richiano In Rosso 01:38
2.I Ride The Winds Of Hate 05:45
3.My Journey Is Long But My Time Is Endless 06:23
4.Into The Field Of Screaming Souls 07:21

Total playing time 21:07

Friday, July 3, 2009

Monumentum - In Absentia Christi (1995)

Genre : Dark Doom
Country : Italy

This is the first full-length of the band. This album is the most strange Dark Doom Metal release with ultra obscure riffs, mysterious melodies, lots of anguish, instrumental moments, slowest passages, sinister keyboards, clean vocals, and enigmatic female vocals and choirs.

This album have been inspiration for Dolorian (formed in 1997), listening many melodies and keyboards from this album, I found lots of melodies used after by Dolorian in their albums (Tracks 2, 5, 8 & 10).

Monumentum definitely is the real godfather of Dark Doom, it's absolute darkness and desolation! This ultra-Dark Doom album is highly recommended!!!

1.Battesimo: Nero Opaco 02:38
2.A Thousand Breathing Crosses 02:05
3.Consuming Jerusalem 04:51
4.Fade to Grey 05:06
5.On Perspective of Spiritual Catharsis 07:39
6.Selunhs Aggelos 04:13
7.From These Wounds 07:07
8.Terra Mater Ofranorum 03:39
9.Nephtali 04:27
10.La Noia 09:01

Total playing time 50:46

Monumentum - Musaeum Hermeticum (Demo 1989)

Genre : Dark Doom
Country : Italy

This Demo is probably the first Dark Doom released in the world . They used raw guitars, primitive riffs, obscure melodies, anguished keyboards, ultra-heavy passages, some melancholic violins. This Demo is interesting!

1.Nostalgia Of The Infinite 02:16
2.Remains Of Majesty 04:07
3.Nephtali 04:19
4.A Mediumistic Evening 09:04
5.Morendo 01:14

Total playing time 21:00

Aamunkajo - Unen Paattyessa (2008)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Finland

This is the first album from Aamunkajo. Their style is Funeral Doom with raw melodies, distorted riffs, claustrophobic passages, obscure atmosphere, melodic keyboards, and cavernous grunts. Recommended.

1.Havitty 07:29
2.Ammuttu 04:33
3.Lapi Turhuuden 10:08
4.Toivon 05:01
5.Haudat 07:50
6.Sanat 04:28
7.Panthophobia 05:12

Total playing time 44:41

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Asphyx - The Rack (1991)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Netherlands

Asphyx plays Old School Death/Doom with raw riffs, crushing melodies, slow passages, aggressive moments, rhythm changes, and awesome brutal growls. Asphyx is one of the most apocalyptic in the genre, their melodies are really obscure, destructive and solid. All their albums are highly recommended!!!

1.The Quest of Absurdity 01:21
2.Vermin 04:02
3.Diabolical Existence 03:55
4.Evocation 05:31
5.Wasteland of Terror 02:16
6.The Sickening Dwell 04:15
7.Ode to a Nameless Grave 02:55
8.Pages in Blood 04:08
9.The Rack 09:05

Total playing time 37:28

Asphyx - Last One On Earth (1992)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Netherlands

1.M.S. Bismarck 05:03
2.The Krusher 05:52
3.Serenade in Lead 03:28
4.Last One on Earth 07:10
5.The Incarnation of Lust 04:47
6.Streams of Ancient Wisdom 03:35
7.Food for the Ignorant 04:50
8.Asphyx (Forgotten War) 05:26

Total playing time 40:11

Asphyx - Asphyx (1994)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Netherlands

1.Prelude Of The Unhonoured Funeral 03:54
2.Depths Of Eternity 07:03
3.Emperors Of Salvation 05:00
4.'Til Death Do Us Apart 06:18
5.Initiation Into The Ossuary 09:50
6.Incarcerated Chimaeras 05:03
7.Abomination Echoes 02:44
8.Back Into Eternity 06:44
9.Valleys In Oblivion 07:16
10.Thoughts Of An Atheist 05:24

Total playing time 59:16

Asphyx - Embrace the Death (1996)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Netherlands

1.Intro 01:21
2.Embrace The Death 04:01
3.The Sickened Dwell 03:58
4.Streams Of Ancient Wisdom 03:25
5.Thoughts Of An Atheist 04:59
6.Crush The Cenotaph 04:25
7.Denying The Goat 03:48
8.Vault Of The Vailing Souls 05:03
9.Circle Of The Secluded 05:35
10.To Succubus A Whore 01:57
11.Eternity's Depths 03:40
12.Outro 00:50
13.Mutilating Process 04:27
14.Streams Of Ancient Wisdom 04:29

Total playing time 51:58