Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bilocate - Sudden Death Syndrome (2008)

Genre : Melodic Dark Doom Death
Country : Jordan

This is the second album of the band. They play Melodic Doom Death with Dark influences, magnificent atmosphere, excellent keyboards, melodic guitars, intricate riffs, and rhythm changes. They mix slow and fast passages, and some slower passages almost Funeral. The vocals are powerful grunts and some sorrowful clean vocals.
Highly recommended!

1.Humans And The Dark Affiliation 02:05
2.Blooded Forest 17:02
3.The Dead Sea 05:45
4.Ebtehal 09:33
5.Inoculate 05:12
6.Pure Wicked Sins 06:28
7.The Stone Of Hate 05:13

Total playing time 52:40

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