Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Paul Chain - Park of Reason (2002)

Genre : Stoner Doom
Country : Italy

Paul Chain was member of "Death SS" and in 1979 formed his own band. This album is Classic Doom with Stoner and Psychedelic influences. This is a great album with intricate riffs, dark melodies and dense atmosphere. This album is hard to find!
Highly recommended!!!

For fans of Saint Vitus, Solitude Aeternus, Jex Thoth and Black Sabbath.

1.Solitude Man 04:40
2.8 String Sweep 05:13
3.Sanctuary Heve 04:00
4.Continuous Fix 04:08
5.War Abysses 05:00
6.Stajness Klaus 05:00
7.Let The End Begin (Saint Vitus Cover) 06:58
8.Wings Of Decadence 11:40
9.Ascension Of Any Pound 09:45
10.Ways Of Changes 04:37
11.L - Logical Slow Evolution, R - ...In Time 29:41

Total playing time 01:30:42

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