Monday, September 29, 2008

Funerary Dirge - Prologue Memoria In Aeterna + 1 Bonus Track (2004)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Doom
Country : Canada

First full-length of the band, includes one bonus track. Very dark and sinister sound, combined with beautiful piano melodies. Recommended for fans of Until Death Overtakes Me, Fall of the Grey-Winged One & Nortt!

1.Procession Of Gods And Tyrants 10:17
2.Eternal, And Yours 12:22
3.The First Temptation 07:39
4.Tired One 12:15
5....Gdzie Nie Ma Drzew 15:32
6.Silhouette of Darkness 03:39

Total playing time 01:01:44

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