Thursday, November 13, 2008

Forgotten Tomb - Songs to Leave (2002)

Genre : Depressive Black Doom
Country : Italy

This is the first album of the most representative Black Doom band from Italy. The guitars are perfect and crushing with aggressive and melodic riffs, accompanied by slow passages. The screaming Black vocals are powerful. The atmosphere is majestic with total anguish, despair, pain, darkness, and desolation. This album is for the most depressive moments of the life. Highly recommended!!!

1.Entombed by Winter 10:57
2.Solitude Ways 07:42
3.Steal My Corpse 09:29
4.No Way Out 06:46
5.Disheartenment 12:42

Total playing time 47:36

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Anonymous said...

great album. tanx from iran.