Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Whitehorse - Whitehorse (2007)

Genre : Extreme Sludge Doom
Country : Australia

Whitehorse is an Australian band and this is their first full-length. Their style is Sludge Doom, but they shift effortlessly from Sludge to Black, to Funeral to Noise and Drone. Amazing the diverse sounds of this band, simply crushing Doom.

The guitars are distorted, dirty, and heavy, with slow tempos and fast passages. The vocals are screaming full of despair, accompanied by low grunts. This album is one of the most crushing Doom works; really highly recommended for all extreme doomster!!!

Disc 1

1.Fire to Light the Way 06:43
2.Everything Ablaze 09:57
3.The Unwelcome Return 22:11

Playing time 38:51

Disc 2

1.West of the Sun (live) 23:37
2.Oceans Turn to Black 20:41
Playing time 44:18

Total playing time 01:23:09

Download Disc 1

Download Disc 2

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