Friday, November 21, 2008

Septicflesh - Esoptron (1995)

Genre : Doom Death
Country Greece

This is the second Septicflesh's album, is one of the best albums of the band. Their sound is dense and mysterious, with very deep growls, melodic riffs and aggressive passages. Recommended!

1.Breaking the Inner Sea 00:50
2.Esoptron 05:19
3.Burning Phoenix 04:40
4.Astral Sea 00:30
5.Rain 03:40
6.Ice Castle 05:54
7.Celebration 00:53
8.Succubus Priestess 04:11
9.So Clean, So Empty 03:58
10.The Eyes of Set 04:50
11.Narcissism 08:54

Total playing time 43:39

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