Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Darklands - The Children Of The Night (2008)

Genre : Doom Metal/Rock influences
Country : Sweden
Link Reuploaded!
This is the second album of the band after 10 years. This album is Doom with heavy riffs, Gothic Metal and Rock influences . The vocals are harsh clean in the style of Danzig, and Type O'Negative. The riffs are melodic and intricate, with acoustic passages. It's a very interesting album with good songs!

1.Gravedigger 04:21
2.Resurrection 03:02
3.Bring Out The Dead 03:22
4.The Children Of The Night 03:13
5.Wolfman 04:43
6.Blood For Cain 02:43
7.Heavensent 03:10
8.Fall From Grace 02:42
9.Demonangel 03:51
10.Some Time To Kill 04:19
11.Zombie Boogie 03:54

Total playing time 39:20

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Sacris said...

Heavy riffs and a TYPE O NEGATIVE sound, I like this so much, thanks for share this my friend.