Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Dying Bride - The Angel and the Dark River / Live at the Dynamo (1995) Classic Album

Genre : Doom Metal
Country : England

Third album of the band. In this album Aaron Stainthorpe uses for first time clean vocals in the album's totality, the performance of his voice is one of the best, his voice is melancholic, sad and distressing. Other high point is the use of violins and majestic keyboards, making the songs very mournful and mysterious. The riffs are ultra heavy, accompanied by dense atmosphere.

This album is absolute suffering, darkness and misery. Tracks like "The Cry of Mankind", "Black Voyage", and "For Darkest Skies" are classic songs until date.

This album contains 2 Discs, the first disc is "The Angel and the Dark River" more 1 bonus track. The second disc is "Live at the Dynamo '95".

This album is mandatory for all Doomster. This is a great masterpiece!!!

Disc 1 "The Angel and the Dark River"

1.The Cry of Mankind 12:13
2.From Darkest Skies 07:48
3.Black Voyage 09:46
4.A Sea to Suffer in 06:31
5.Two Winters Only 09:01
6.Your Shameful Heaven 06:59
7. The Sexuality of Bereavement (Bonus Track) 08:04

Playing time 01:01:22

Disc 2 "Live at the Dynamo '95"

1. Your River 08:13
2. A Sea to Suffer In 06:21
3. Your Shameful Heaven 06:21
4. The Forever People 04:52

Playing time 25:47

Total playing time 01:27:09

Download Disc 1 + Disc 2

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