Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dark Suns - Existence (2005)

Genre : Melancholic Progressive Doom
Country : Germany

Second album of the band. In this album they play Melodic Doom with melancholic melodies, progressive influences, intricate riffs, and clean vocals. This album is in the soft vein of Anathema with emotionality.
1.Zero 02:09
2.A Slumbering Portrait 02:32
3.The Euphoric Sense 05:54
4.Her And The Element 06:39
5.Daydream 04:40
6.Anemone 06:27
7.You, A Phantom Still 11:17
8.Gently Bleeding 07:19
9.Abiding Space 07:10
10.Patterns Of Oblivion 10:50
11.One Endless Childish Day 12:59

Total playing time 01:17:56

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