Friday, October 3, 2008

Empyrium - A Retrospective (2006)

Genre : Doom Folk (Semi-Acoustic Album)
Country : Germany

Great compilation for the best Folk Doom band, all newly mastered songs. In these 13 tracks also contains a newly recorded and arranged version of "The Franconian Woods In Winter's Silence" as well two new tracks.

1.The Franconian Woods In Winter's Silence (Acoustic Version) 08:32
2.A Gentle Grieving Farewell Kiss 01:59
3.The Blue Mists Of Night 06:24
4.Mourners 09:15
5.Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays 05:27
6.Dying Brokenhearted 05:33
7.The Shepherd And The Maiden Ghost 03:24
8.Heimwärts 06:39
9.Waldpoesie 13:28
10.Die Schwäne Im Schilf 05:48
11.Das Blau-Kristallne Kämmerlein 01:28
12.Der Weiher 05:25
13.Am Wolkenstieg 02:14

Total playing time 01:15:36

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