Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lethargia - The Kingdom Of Unrealizable Hopes (2004)

Genre : Black Doom Death
Country : Russia

This is the excellent first and only album of this Russian band. They play Doom Death with Black elements and influences of the Old School Doom Death. Their music is crushing with heavy riffs, obscure keyboards, acoustic passages, rhythm changes, deep grunts, Black vocals, and some enigmatic female choirs.
Highly recommended!
1.Prophetic Dreams (Intro) 01:57
2.The Land of Everlasting Fog 06:20
3.The Gates to Infinity 05:41
4.Dead Earth 05:31
5.Darkness Changed the Light 04:22
6.Dream About Everlasting Rain 09:20
7.The Kingdom of Unrealizable Hopes 06:27
8.Lethargia (Invisible World) (Outro) 03:21

Total playing time 42:59

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