Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blood of the Black Owl - Blood of the Black Owl (2006)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Black Doom
Country : United States

First album of the band. It's Funeral Doom with Black influences and ambient passages. This album contains slow crushing melodies with raw and obscures riffs. Also dark atmospheric passages with tribal sounds... This album is monotonous Funeral Doom in their rotten and wretched essence. Recommended!

1.Kills in Timber 10:07
2.The Thunderous Hooves of Two Goats in the Sky 09:16
3.Drinking the Blood of a Lion 13:30
4.Like a Coffin Chasing a Womb, His Chariot Becomes a Southern Bloodstorm 08:47
5.Uwwalo 08:45
6.Hammer Comes Crashing Down 06:54
7.A Coven of Vultures 13:01

Total playing time 01:10:20

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Anonymous said...

Blood of the Black Owl is unique. Guitars are hypnotic, harsh and primal. The production sound "roots" and there are many samples of beasts which create a special atmosphere.
If you are curious and open-minded, give it a chance.