Friday, October 31, 2008

Mourning Beloveth (The Mountains Are Mine) / Imindain (Black Water) - Videos

Genre : Doom Death
Country : Ireland

Mourning Beloveth "The Mountains Are Mine"
(Live Video)

Quality Video : Medium
Quality Audio : Good
Playing Time 08:52

Genre : Doom Death
Country : England

Imindain "Black Water"
(Video Clip)

Quality Video : High
Quality Audio : High

Playing Time 06:00

Total Playing Time Videos 14:52

Download Videos (Full Screen)
(Mourning Beloveth + Imindain)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Shameful - ...of Dust (2004)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death
Country : Finland

This is the second album of My Shameful, with obscure atmosphere, oppressive sound, and sinister melodies; accompanied by slow and melodic riffs, disturbing keyboards, and powerful guttural vocals from beyond the grave.
This album is a creeping nightmare without return!!!
1...of Dust 05:57
2.And Waters Will Close 07:31
3.Your Darkness Shine 09:01
4.One Lost 06:13
5.I Found Nothing Sacred 06:39
6.These Empty Rooms 06:06
7.Disappointment 06:28
8.To Never Return 08:00
Total playing time 55:55

Novembers Doom - Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flowers (1999)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : United States

This is the second album of the band. This work is most melodic, with better compositions and great songs. This is one of the best albums in the Novembers Doom discography.
Essential listen this masterpiece!

1.With Rue and Fire 05:41
2.The Jealous Sun 06:09
3.Suffer the Red Dream 07:58
4.All the Beauty Twice Againn 04:17
5.Reaping Forest Calm 05:30
6.Before the Wind 03:10
7.For Every Leaf That Falls 04:35
8.Serenity Forgotten 02:10
9.Forever With Unopened Eye 04:17
10.Dawn Breaks 06:06

Total playing time 49:53

Green Carnation - Journey to the End of the Night (2000)

Genre : Atmospheric Progressive Doom
(Male & female vocals)
Country : Norway

This is the first full-length of the band, is a fantastic Doom with progressive influences. This work includes members from Emperor (Tchort), In The Woods (Christopher & Christian Botteri), and Tristania (Vibeke Stene), among other musicians. Its sound is mysterious and atmospheric with acoustic passages, and amazing melodies; accompanied by keyboards, violins, melodic and raw guitars. All this is completed by a perfect vocals; the female vocals are enigmatic and mystic, and the clean vocals is in the vein of In The Woods. Listen this album is a mystic experience.
Highly recommended!!!

1.Falling Into Darkness 02:33
2.In the Realm of the Midnight Sun 13:42
3.My Dark Reflections of Life and Death 17:50
4.Under Eternal Stars 15:31
5.Journey to the End of the Night (Part I) 11:28
6.Echoes of Despair (Part II) 02:30
7.End of Journey? (Part III) 05:08
8.Shattered (Part IV) 01:34
Total playing time 01:10:16

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mourning Dawn - Mourning Dawn (2007)

Genre : Dark Black Doom
Country : France

This an amazing first full-length of the band. This work includes members from Inborn Suffering, Funeralium & Ad Vitam Aeternam. They play a Dark Black Doom with crushing and raw guitars, intricate riffs, darkened melodies; screaming vocals, powerful grunts, and whispered voices. The atmosphere is suffocating and obscure.
This is a beautiful darkness music!!!
For fans of early Bethlehem, Deinonychus, early Katatonia, also Funeralium, etc.
1.Intro 03:06
2.From The Torrent and The Fountain 14:18
3.Grey Flood 06:27
4.Interlude 01:19
5.When The Sky Seems To Be A Flag 10:23
6.Innocence Leaves 10:31
7.As The Ocean... 06:29
8.Verdun 05:49

Total playing time 58:23

Austere - Withering Illusions and Desolation (2007)

Genre : Depressive Black Doom
Country : Austria

This is the first album by Austere. This ia an Depressive Black with some slow passages and beautiful atmosphere. Its sound is melancholy, depression, despair, anguish, and suffering. The riffs and keyboards are very well worked, with infinite melancholy and sadness. The screaming vocals are despair and anguish.
This is an excellent work for depressive and bleak souls!!!
Highly Recommended!

1.Unending Night 08:32
2...Memories 09:26
3.The Dawn Remains Silent 08:31
4.Withering Illusions And Desolation 10:37
5.Coma 17:59

Total playing time 55:05

Austere / Isolation - Bleak (Split 2008)


Genre : Depressive Black Doom
Country : Austria

1.When Even Tomorrow Looks Away 13:52
2.Instrumental 01:52
3.There's Nothing Left 13:36


Genre : Black Doom
Country : Germany

4.From Nowhere... 05:45
5.Mosaic 16:08
6...To Nowhere 08:23

Total playing time 59:36

Tiamat - Clouds / The Sleeping Beauty (1992) Classic Album

Genre : Doom Metal
Country : Sweden

This is the third album of the band, is a different work in the Tiamat's career. Its riffs are most slow and melodic, the atmospheres and melodies are very well performed, getting create many of the best Tiamat's songs. This is a great Doom album!!!
This album also contains the 5 tracks from "The Sleeping Beauty -Live in Israel"

1.In a Dream 05:12
2.Clouds 03:40
3.Smell of Incense 04:30
4.A Caress of Stars 05:27
5.The Sleeping Beauty 04:10
6.Forever Burning Flames 04:23
7.The Scapegoat 04:57
8.Undressed 07:08
9.In a Dream (Live) 05:01
10.Ancient Entity (Live) 06:32
11.The Sleeping Beauty (Live) 04:30
12.Mountain of Doom (Live) 05:28
13.Angels Far Beyond (Live) 08:50

Total playing time 01:09:50

Tiamat - The Astral Sleep (1991) Classic Album

Genre : Doom Death
Country : Sweden

This is the second Tiamat's album. Crushing and heavy riffs very well performed. The vocals alternating from deep growls to high pitched screams. This is a piece of history!

1.Neo Aeon (Intro) 02:09
2.Lady Temptress 03:44
3.Mountain of Doom 04:37
4.Dead Boys' Choir 01:53
5.Sumerian Cry (Part III) 05:16
6.On Golden Wings 04:59
7.Ancient Entity 06:17
8.The Southernmost Voyage 03:12
9.Angels Far Beyond 04:42
10.I Am the King (of Dreams) 04:34
11.A Winter Shadow 05:24
12.The Seal (Outro) 01:53

Total playing time 48:40

Whispering Gallery - Lost As One (2002)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Netherlands

This is the second album of the band. In this work the melodies have a very good composition, perfect riffs, guitar solos, and some acoustic passages. The clean vocals and the deep grunts are excellent. This is a perfect combination of melancholy and tragedy. Recommended!

1.The Earth Is the Sky 04:51
2.See Beyond the Void 06:44
3.Touched by the Stars I 02:14
4.Touched by the Stars II 04:48
5.The Portrait 03:17
6.Lost as One 05:28
7.The Last Time 08:42
8.Mistress Guardian 05:30
9.Something Beautiful 03:09

Total playing time 44:43

Apostle of Solitude - Sincerest Misery (2008)

Genre : Classic Doom
Country : United States

This is the first full-length of the band, this is a parallel band of Chuck Brown (Vocalist in 'The Gates of Slumber'). Its sound is similar to Black Sabbath, Solitude Aeternus and Candlemass, with excellent riffs and guitar solos. The rhythm is heavy and slow. The vocals are clean and well performed. An interesting band to listen and enjoy.

For fans of Candlemass, Solitude Aeternus, Black Sabbath, The Wounded Kings, Solstice, Warning, Reverend Bizarre, The Gates of Slumber, etc.

1.The Messenger 04:27
2.Confess 08:05
3.The Dark Tower 06:08
4.A Slow Suicide 07:16
5.Last Tears 06:18
6.This Dustbowl Earth 08:23
7.Warbird 08:57
8.Sincerest Misery (1,000 Days) 14:02

Total playing time 01:03:36

Apostle of Solitude - Embraced by the Black (EP 2006)

Genre : Classic Doom
Country : United States

1.Last Tears 05:55
2.Curse of a Gift 08:26
3.Life Like Quicksand 11:21

Total playing time 25:42

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Shameful - Of All the Wrong Things (2003)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death
Country : Finland

This is the first full-length of the band. An excellent work with melancholy, depression and darkness; slow and heavy guitars, and deep growls. This album is very recommended!

1.Intro 00:41
2.Scattered Ashes 07:18
3.Blackend Lies 08:11
4.A Saddened Sunset 08:26
5.The Wind That Burns All 07:00
6.Beneath 06:42
7.I Fear 08:45
8.Blamed 07:25

Total playing time 54:28

My Shameful - Sown In Sadness / Your Dark Overwhelming / To All I Hated (Demos 2000)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death
Country : Finland

These 3 Demos I have compiled them in only one link. Excellent material with perfect sound. Highly recommended!!!

Sown In Sadness (Demo 2000)

1.Into Emptiness 08:38
2.Behind Me 05:39
3.Sown in Sadness 09:07

Playing time 23:24

Your Dark Overwhelming (Demo 2000)

1.False Emphathiesm 08:36
2.White Shroud 05:27
3.Your Dark Overwhelming 09:59

Playing time 24:02

To All I Hated (Demo 2000)

1.A Shadow 06:26
2.Too Late 07:13
3.To All I Hated 08:41
4.Hope Torn 11:10

Playing time 33:30

Total Playing Time 01:20:56


Wormphlegm - Epejumalat Monet... (Live Clip)

Genre : Funeral Drone Doom
Country : Finland

This live Video Clip was recorded at The Frontline, Belgium (August, 28th 2004). Contains the video edition version of "Epejumalat Monet..." from "Tomb of the Ancient King" album.

Epejumalat Monet... (Live Clip)

Quality Video : Good
Quality Audio : Good

Total Playing Time 06:24

Download Video (Full Screen)

Ataraxie - L' Ataraxie (Live Video Clip)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death
Country : France
This Live Video Clip contains "L' Ataraxie", track from "Slow Transcending Agony" album.
L' Ataraxie (Live Clip)
Quality Video : High
Quality Audio : High

Total Playing Time 09:57

Pantheist - Envy Us (Video Clip)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : England

This video is in alive at "The Frontline" in Belgium (October 4th 2003). Contains "Envy Us", track from "O Solitude" album.

Quality Video : Good
Quality Audio : Good

Download Video

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dark Suns - Swanlike + 1 Bonus Track (2002)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Germany

This is one of my favorite albums!... This is the first album from Dark Suns, an extraordinary work full of beautiful darkness, melancholy, anguish, pain and suffering. Its melodies are impressive, Doom mixed with progressive metal influences, achieving a masterpiece. The sound of the guitars is excellent; their riffs are intricate and melodic. The keyboards are magnificent with progressive melodies very well performed. The clean vocals are perfect, expressing an incredible anguish and melancholy, accompanied by emotive guttural vocals.

In my favorite song "The Sun Beyond Your Eden" , the use of violin in the beginning of this track is an emotional and sad melody, the guitars are increasing the speed up to coming to a completely emotional moment, where the guttural voice puts the melancholy, along with a sad and depressive clean vocals. So track by track this album is a monumental work with a perfect ambience and absolute melancholy!
Essential listen this wonderful masterpiece!!!

1.Swanlike 11:28
2.Infiltration 05:32
3.The Sun Beyond Your Eden 08:48
4.Virtuous Dilemma 04:46
5.Inside Final Dreams 08:16
6.The Neverending 05:31
7.In Silent Harmony II (Instrumental) 03:09
8.Suffering (Bonustrack) 14:24

Total playing time 01:01:54

Orphaned Land - Sahara / The Beloved's Cry (1994)

Genre : Doom Death Folk
Country : Israel

This is the first full-length of the band, a wonderful album with excellent melodies and oriental influences, magnificent riffs, acoustic moments and guttural vocals. This album includes "The Beloved's Cry" EP as Bonus. This is a perfect Doom work, very recommended!

1.The Sahara`s Storm 07:59
2.Blessed Be Thy Hate 09:25
3.Ornaments Of Gold 07:08
4.Aldiar Al Mukadisa 02:56
5.Seasons Unite 08:30
6.The Beloved`s Cry 04:32
7.My Requiem 08:27
8.Orphaned Land, The Storm Still Rages Inside 09:09
9.Seasons Unite (Bonus Track) 08:23
10.Above You All (Bonus Track) 04:56
11.Pits of Despair (Bonus Track) 04:26
12.The Beloved's Cry (Bonus Track) 04:44
13.My Requiem (Bonus Track) 08:06
14.Orphaned Land - The Storm Still Rages Inside... (Bonus Track) 08:55

Total playing time 01:37:45

Tiamat - Sumerian Cry + 1 Bonus Track (1990)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Sweden

This is the Tiamat's debut album, a perfect old school swedish Death Metal with Doom influences; an aggressive work with some slow moments, crushing riffs, darkened atmosphere, and powerful growls.

1.Intro - Sumerian Cry (Part I) 00:58
2.In the Shrines of the Kingly Dead 04:09
3.The Malicious Paradise 04:29
4.Necrophagious Shadows 04:36
5.Apothesis of Morbidity 06:05
6.Nocturnal Funeral 04:06
7.Altar Flame 04:32
8.Evilized 05:00
9.Where the Serpents Ever Dwell / Outro - Sumerian Cry (Part II) 06:09
10.The Sign of the Pentagram (Bonus Track) 03:54

Total playing time 43:58

Lethian Dreams - Requiem For My Soul, Eternal Rest For My Heart (2006)

Genre : Emotional Doom
(Female & male vocals. Death grunts. Piano & keyboards)
Country : France

This is an amazing band that includes two members from the Funeral Doom band "Remembrance", Matthieu Sachs (guitars/vocals) and Carline Van Roos (female vocals) , also the excellent vocalist Carlos D'Agua (grunts & clean vocals) from the great band "Before The Rain". These talented musicians of this emotional band, play a melancholic Doom with piano (ala Remembrance), violin and keyboards. Their music is sadness, melancholy, despair and suffering. All accompanied by female laments vocals, clean spoken vocals, and death emotional grunts.
Listen it and suffer with this beautiful darkness!!!

1.In Seclusion 07:52
2.For a Brighter Death 09:14
3.Accross the Bridge of Infinity...the Essence of Night 07:12
4.Under Her Wings (Mournful Whispers) 08:47
5.Elusive 08:48
6.December's Blame 02:48

Total playing time 44:50

Lethian Dreams - Mournful Whispers (Demo 2003) / Lost In Grief (Demo 2004)

Mournful Whispers (Demo 2003)

Genre : Depressive Doom Death
(Female and male vocals)
Country : France

This is the great first work of this fantastic band. In these Demos take part members from Remembrance, Ningizzia and Inborn Suffering. Very recommended!!!

1.Intro 01:52
2.Thy Will Be Done 06:46
3.Last Winter Night 06:17
4.Mournful Whispers 10:09

Playing time 25:04

Lost in Grief (Demo 2004)

Genre : Depressive Doom Death

This is heartbreaking's too suffering! Listen this mature second Demo is die of sadness. The fourth track "Taking Away My Sanity" is incredible, the female vocals is totally depressive accompanied by death grunts very deep with full pain. For my this is the best song of the band. Essential listen this material, this is Doooom!!!

1.Sea of Sadness 01:50
2.Lost in Grief 09:09
3.Toward the Void 05:52
4.Taking Away My Sanity 09:29
5.For a Brighter Death 08:25

Playing time 34:45

Total playing time 59:50

Download Demo 2003 + Demo 2004

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Myriads - Introspection (2002)

Genre : Gothic Doom / Symphonic Doom
(Female & male vocals. Death & Black vocals. Piano & keyboards)
Country : Norway

This is the second Myriads album, in this work they play a Melodic Doom with symphonic arrangements, magnificent classical piano, keyboards, and acoustic guitar. The electric guitars are melodic. In this work the vocals are very diverse; they use amazing female voice, enigmatic and spectral; the black vocals are powerful, the Death vocals are deep, completed by melancholic clean voices. Highly recommended!

1.Enigmatic Colours of the Night 09:32
2.Miserere Mei 11:45
3.Inside 05:55
4.The Sanctum of My Soul 06:15
5.Portal to the Mind 14:57
6.Falling in the Equinox 03:57
7.Flickering Thoughts 07:55
8.Encapsulated 09:12
9.The Ascent 04:37

Total playing time 01:14:05

Longing for Dawn - A Treacherous Ascension (2007)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Canada

This is the second full-length of this band, in the style of their predecessor album. Melodic and melancholic Funeral Doom!

1.The End Of Laughter 12:15
2.Discidium 09:44
3.Ephemeral Cure 13:33
4.Once Supreme 12:29

Total playing time 48:01

Maiden Voyage - The Journey Embarks (2005)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : England

This is a magnificent Maiden Voyage debut. This is a parallel band of Lee Paxton, and the best of your bands. The atmosphere is excellent, the sound is clean and raw, the melodies are melancholic and sad, the keyboards are mystic, the guitars are pure anguish, accompanied by ultra-slow distorted riffs, the grunts are very deep and powerful. Highly recommended!!!

For fans of Mournful Congregation, Worship, Mistress of the Dead, Colosseum, Skepticism, etc.

1.The Journey Embarks (Introduction) 03:48
2.Opaline Waterfalls 10:46
3.Behold Mist-Laden Landscapes 08:37
4.Bidding Farewell 10:16

Total playing time 33:27

Amaranthine Trampler - ...As The Colour Of Love Flows From My Shattered Teeth (2004)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Doom
Country : England

This is the first work of the band, is a one-man Funeral Doom Band, their only member is Lee Paxton, also member of Rot In Despair and Maiden Voyage. His music is desolation and distress, with good atmospheres, slow riffs, acoustic passages, deep grunts and some clean vocals.

1.The Clouds Part For Endless Grief 06:20
2.Autumn Is Dying - Winter Is Dead 07:42
3.Rot In Loneliness Forever 06:44
4.The Box 07:43
5.A Celebration Of Life 05:31
6.Crossing The River And Onward 05:17
7.Fathom The Misery 03:32

Total playing time 42:49

Loss - Life Without Hope...Death Without Reason (Demo 2004)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death
Country : United States

This is an amazing work, suicidal Funeral Doom in the most darkened essence. The guitars are crushing, slow riffs accompanied by deep growls. Their atmosphere is depressive, melancholic and devastating. These are 3 magnificent tracks more 2 in alive.

1.Coffin Nails (Intromancy) 01:52
2.Conceptual Funeralism Unto The Final Act (Of Being) 07:54
3.Cut Up, Depressed And Alone 09:32
4.Brave (Katatonia Cover) (Live Track) 10:50
5.The Barebacked Burial Of A Torn Angel (Live Track) 04:46

Total playing time 19:18

Friday, October 24, 2008

Deinonychus - Mournument (2002)

Genre : Dark Doom
Country : Netherlands

This is the fifth album of Deinonychus, this predecessor of "Insomnia" has a sound and rhythm very similar to this one, with darkened atmosphere, crushing guitars with raw riffs, psychotic vocals, and whispered voice. Recommended!

1.Pluto's Ovoid Orbit 03:16
2.Salus Deceived 05:55
3.Odourless Alliance 04:01
4.Tantalised In This Labyrinth 03:48
5.The Crimson Tides - Oceans Of Soliloquy Pt. II 06:44
6.Selek From Menes 04:10
7.A Misleading Scenario 05:29
8.The Obscure Process Of Metamorphous 04:47
9.Arrival In Mesopotamia 05:44
10.Ancient Dreams (Candlemass Cover) 06:37
11.Ascension - The 40th Day After Easter 06:56

Total playing time 57:27

October Tide - Rain Without End (1997)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Sweden

First album of the parallel band from Katatonia's members, Jonas Renkse and Fredrik Norrman. This album is a reminiscence of early Katatonia's sound, between "Dance of December Souls" and "Brave Murder Day". Jonas Renkse performed the vocals on this work, it was his last grunts vocal performance. The album was recorded in '95, though it wasn't released until '97. This is emotional Doom, sadness and melancholy, with great melodies.
1.12 Days of Rain 06:43
2.Ephemeral 06:22
3.All Painted Cold 05:45
4.Sightless 06:28
5.Losing Tomorrow 02:35
6.Blue Gallery 05:43
7.Infinite Submission 05:36

Total playing time 39:12

Fall of Empyrean - Anhedonia (2002)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : United States

First full-length of the band. Their sound is despair and sorrow, very melancholic and raw, with acoustic guitars, melodious riffs, and distressing keyboards. Accompanied by grunts and some emotional clean vocals. Recommended!

1.Wounded Skies 01:27
2.This Paradise Crumbles 08:19
3.Drowning In Gray 08:30
4.Virga 03:03
5.The Catatonic 04:53
6.Destructive Light Of Dawn 10:30

Total playing time 36:42

Novembers Doom - Amid Its Hallowed Mirth + 2 Bonus Track (1995 / Re-released 2001)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : United States

Excellent first album of this band, darkened melodies, crushing riffs, deep grunts and some distressing female choirs.

For fans of early My Dying Bride, old Tiamat, Mourning Beloveth, Officium Triste, etc.

1.Aurora's Garden 07:27
2.Amour of the Harp 07:20
3.Tears of the Beautiful 04:45
4.My Agony, My Ecstasy 05:04
5.Bestow My Desire 03:09
6.Chorus of Jasmine 07:12
7.Dance of the Leaves 02:49
8.Sadness Rains 04:45
9.A Dirge of Sorrow 05:02
10.Nothing Earthly Save the Thrill
11.Seasons of Frost

Total playing time 47:33

Paradise Lost - At the BBC (2003)

Genre : Melodic Doom / Doom Death
Country : England

This album contains tracks live recordings between 1992 at 1995, the best era of the band. There are two BBC sessions, where Paradise Lost plays live but without fans, and a concert in Liverpool.
Songs 1-4 recorded in 20.11.92 for the Friday Rock Show (BBC)
Songs 5-8 recorded in '95 for the Friday Rock Show (BBC)
Songs 9-18 recorded 4.12.93 live at Liverpool.

1.Pity the Sadness 04:55
2.The Word Made Flesh 04:32
3.Mortals Watch the Day 05:12
4.As I Die 03:41
5.Shadowkings 04:35
6.Once Solemn 02:54
7.Yearn for Change 04:14
8.Sweetness 04:15
9.Embers Fire 04:11
10.Remembrance 03:11
11.Gothic 04:10
12.Mortals Watch the Day 04:56
13.Widow 02:55
14.Eternal 03:46
15.The Joys of the Emptiness 03:11
16.As I Die 03:28
17.True Belief 04:10
18.Pity the Sadness 05:25

Total playing time 01:13:41

Paradise Lost - Draconian Times / Ltd.Ed. 2 Cds (1995) Classic Album

Genre : Melodic Doom
Country : England

This is the fifth Paradise Lost album, and really is one of the best albums from the band, and the best Doom Gothic work without female vocals. This album is a perfect mix of Melodic Doom and Gothic influences with some symphonic arrangements. The guitars are very melodic, in the best performance, with great riffs, and guitar solos, accompanied by keyboards, creating emotional melodies, with full melancholy and sadness. Nick Holmes sings with clean vocals on a particular style, raw and melodic. Draconian Times is the most musically forceful work of Paradise Lost's career; unfortunately their last Doom album in this era. Highly recommended!!!

The Disc 1 contains "Draconian Times" regular edition, the Disc 2 contains live tracks, demos & B-sides.

Disc 1

1.Enchantment 06:04
2.Hallowed Land 05:03
3.The Last Time 03:27
4.Forever Failure 04:18
5.Once Solemn 03:04
6.Shadowkings 04:42
7.Elusive Cure 03:21
8.Yearn for Change 04:19
9.Shades of God 03:55
10.Hands of Reason 03:58
11.I See Your Face 03:17
12.Jaded 03:27

Playing time 48:55

Disc 2

1.Embers Fire (live) 4:27
2.Daylight Torn (live) 7:28
3.True Belief (live) 4:24
4.Pity The Sadness (live) 5:15
5.As I Die (live) 3:40
6.Weeping Words (demo) 3:51
7.The Last Time (demo) 3:28
8.Walk Away (taken from : "The Last Time" single) 3:24
9.Laid To Waste (taken from : "The Last Time" single) 3:16
10.Master Of Misrule (taken from : "The Last Time" single) 3:07
11.Forever Failure (Edit) 4:45

Playing time 47:05

Download Disc 1

Download Disc 2


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Paradise Lost - Shades of God (1992) Classic Album

Genre : Melodic Doom
Country : England

This is the third album of this mythical band. In this work they play a Melodic Doom with the best riffs. In this album you can listen great slow guitar solos, something never before heard on a Doom band. Perfect and emotional melodies in these 9 tracks. Nick Holmes sings on your own distressing style, the vocals are harsh and deep; neither Death nor clean. This full-length is a transition point between "Gothic" and "Icon". An essential album for all doomster!!!

1.Mortals Watch the Day 05:12
2.Crying for Eternity 07:05
3.Embraced 04:29
4.Daylight Torn 07:53
5.Pity the Sadness 05:05
6.No Forgiveness 07:37
7.Your Hand in Mine 07:08
8.The Word Made Flesh 04:41
9.As I Die 03:46

Total playing time 52:56

Thorns of the Carrion - The Scarlet Tapestry (1997)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Doom Black
Country : United States

This is the second full-length of the band. This is a very diverse band, their sound changes and evolves in each album, this is a more developed work, with dark and melancholic melodies, beautiful and darkened atmosphere, powerful riffs, acoustic moments, sad flutes, perfect keyboards, aggressive Black growls, and melancholic clean vocals. Their songs range from the slower Doom to some fast moments. It is a magnificent album with great compositions, one of the best of the genre. Highly recommended!

1.Cry The Everstill Dream 03:30
2.Tears For The Raven Muse 11:12
3.The Tragedy Of Melpomene 05:06
4.Bleak Thorn Laurels 06:01
5.The Drifting Snow 10:01
6.Beautiful Thorns To Caress The Girl 05:59
7.By The Brilliance Of Candlelight 04:14
8.Memories Forever Unadorned 18:10
9.The Ashen Embrace 08:41

Total playing time 01:12:54

Thorns of the Carrion - Eve Songs (EP 2000)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : United States

This EP contains 5 unreleased tracks. Their sound in this work is more melodic, accompanied by flutes and keyboards, powerful growls and some clean vocals. It's a beautiful darkness!

1.Naomi´s Waters 06:03
2.Carmilla 04:55
3.Song For Lucretia 10:31
4.To Covet The Dancing Wind 04:51
5.Eve Of The Emerald Sun 08:12

Total playing time 34:32

Thorns of the Carrion - The Willow Weeps For Me (Demo 1995) / At Sudsy Malone's (EP 2001)

The Willow Weeps For Me (Demo 1995)

Genre : Funeral Doom / Death Doom
Country : United States

This Demo contains two unreleased crushing tracks, with excellent atmosphere, screaming growls, and obscure melodies!

1.The Willow Weeps For Me (Part 1) 06:34
2.The Willow Weeps For Me (Part 2) 06:40

Playing time 13:14

At Sudsy Malone's (EP 2001)

This is a Live EP of the band playing in the Cincinnati local bar "Sudsy Malone's."

1.The Story of the Leaves 08:06
2.The Lover's Melancholy 10:09
3.The Willow Weeps for me 07:08
4.Naomi's Waters 06:38
5.Orchids Upon Carrion Fields 08:27

Playing time 40:28
Total playing time 53:42

Download Demo 1995 + EP 2001

Nightsky Bequest - Of Sea, Wind and Farewell / Uncounted Stars + 4 Bonus Track (1999 / Re-released 2007)

Genre : Atmospheric Doom
(Female vocals)
Country : Bulgaria

This is a beautiful Doom with some Gothic influences, with atmospheric and acoustic passages, excellent melodies, powerful riffs, flutes and keyboards. It's melancholy, sadness, and tragedy. The female voice is very well performed. This album includes "Uncounted Stars" EP from 1996. Amazing work very recommended!

For fans of The Gathering, Ashes You Leave, Chalice, The 3rd & the Mortal, Galadriel, etc.

1.Your Sun 05:46
2.Green Eyes 06:16
3.To Sing a Song 04:01
4.Shadow of Myself 06:25
5.The Moon is Waiting for Its Song 06:38
6.Windsymphony 11:49
7.Unfounded Dreamland 05:34
8.Sleeping Out of Time (Bonus Track) 02:00
9.Blanknes (Bonus Track) 04:39
10.The Promise (Bonus Track) 07:01
11.Unfounded Dreamland (Bonus Track) 05:49

Total playing time 01:05:58

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Myriads - In Spheres Without Time (1999)

Genre : Gothic Doom Black
Country : Norway

First full-length from Myriads, this is a combination of Gothic Doom with Black vocals and enigmatic female voice. All accompanied by a piano, very obscure melodies, and slow guitars. A great work in this genre. Recommended!

1.Fragments of the Hereafter 10:20
2.The Day of Wrath 07:14
3.Spheres Without Time 11:38
4.Seductive Hate 08:26
5.Dreams of Reality 07:35

Total playing time 45:13

Keen of the Crow - Hyborea (2007)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : United States

Keen of the Crow is a band formed from ashes of Morgion, and this is their first album. It's a Doom Death aggressive and crushing, with heavy riffs, great melodies and acoustic passages. The deep growls are powerful, and the clean vocals are perfect and melancholic. A great album very recommended!

1.Prologue 00:56
2.Where Dead Kings Lie 09:25
3.Hyborea 02:56
4.Left For The Wolves 05:36
5.The Eye Of The Serpent 02:00
6.To Reach Emptiness 08:20
7.Burning Away... 07:16
8.Valeria 06:08
9.Seeking Fury, Becoming Wrath 06:31
10.Stygian Black Lotus 06:06
11.Epilogue 00:58

Total playing time 56:12

Moss - Cthonic Rites (2005)

Genre : Sludge Drone Funeral Doom
Country : England

This is the first album from Moss, are 2 long crushing tracks with hyper-distorted riffs, dense atmosphere, extreme anguished growls, and sinister melodies. This is a journey to the torturous chambers from abyss. Recommended!

1.Crypts Of Somnambulance 21:37
2.The Gate 44:29

Total playing time 01:06:06

Longing for Dawn - One Lonely Path (2005)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Canada

This is the first album of the band. An emotional, sad, desolate, and melancholic Funeral Doom with ultra slow riffs, atmospheric moments, and deep grunts. Recommended for fans of Mournful Congregation, Remembrance, Worship, Despond, Colosseum, Asunder, etc.

1.Access To Deliverance 10:22
2.Lethal 13:06
3.Total Abscense Of Light 11:31
4.Ashes Of Innocence 13:54
5.One Lonely Path 04:48

Total playing time 53:44

Monday, October 20, 2008

Paradise Lost - Gothic (1991) Classic Album

Genre : Doom Death
Country : England

This is the second full-length of the band, with full sorrowful emotion through a harsh and mournful sound. This album is colossally heavy, melancholic and rhythmic; with magnificent riffs very well performed, and exciting guitar solos. Really the best riffs of the genre! This work contains many of the best songs in the entire Paradise Lost career!...Highly recommended!!!

1.Gothic 04:51
2.Dead Emotion 04:38
3.Shattered 04:01
4.Rapture 05:09
5.Eternal 03:55
6.Falling Forever 03:35
7.Angel Tears 02:40
8.Silent 04:42
9.The Painless 04:02
10.Desolate 01:51

Total playing time 39:24

Paradise Lost - Lost Paradise + 1 Bonus Track (1990) Classic Album

Genre : Doom Death
Country : England

This is the first full-length from Paradise Lost. This album is a pillar of Doom Death, because Paradise Lost initiated a revolutionary sound, along with My Dying Bride, Anathema and Winter, that laid the foundations of Doom Death as we know it today. This is a crushing album full of aggressiveness with slow and agonizing passages; sinister, desolate, obscure harmonies, almost beautiful. Aggressive and powerful guttural vocals. The riffs are melodic and have a characteristic sound, which defined the sound of Paradise Lost in their entire career. This is essential for all true doomster!!!
With this album I am starting the collection : Classic Albums!

1.Intro 02:42
2.Deadly Inner Sense 04:37
3.Paradise Lost 05:29
4.Our Saviour 05:08
5.Rotting Misery 05:16
6.Frozen Illusion 05:21
7.Breeding Fear 04:14
8.Lost Paradise 02:08
9.Internal Torment II (Bonus Track) 05:54

Total playing time 34:55

Thorns of the Carrion - The Gardens Of Dead Winter (1994)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death
Country : United States

This is the first amazing album of this great band. Their music is very obscure with magnificent atmosphere. The riffs are crushing, slow, powerful, melodic and very well worked. The guttural vocals is harsh and very deep, accompanied with some screaming vocals. All mixed with some instrumental passages and perfect keyboards. Their sound is desolation, darkness and devastation. Really this is an excellent album, a jewel of the genre for collection! Essential and mandatory listen this album!!!
For fans of Thergothon, Evoken, Esoteric, Skepticism, Worship, Mournful Congregation, etc.
1.Everstill Cry (The Tears That Flood Tomorrow) 05:03
2.Images Within The Tides Of Tranquillity 06:56
3.The Abide Of The Undead Knights 02:19
4.As Shadows Asway The Soul 06:41
5.Portrait Of The Impious 02:07
6.On Watchers From Towers Above 06:10
7.Mourners At The Edge Of Black Rain 02:00
8.When Sunlight Fades 05:43
9.A Shade Of Sorrow (Into Forever) 01:20
10.As Shadows Asway The Soul (live) 07:03
11.On Watchers From Towers Above (live) 08:18

Total playing time 53:40