Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cryptal Darkness - They Whispered You Had Risen (1999)

Genre : Melodic Doom
Country : Australia

Excellent Doom Metal in the vein of My Dying Bride, with violins, keyboards, perfect clean vocals, melancholic atmosphere, and very slow riffs. This album is anguish, pain, sadness, and despair. Includes members from The Eternal and Insomnius Dei...Highly recommended!!!

For fans of My Dying Bride, Tears of Mankind, Anathema, Saturnus, Mourning Beloveth, etc.

1.Always, Forever 05:16
2.They Whispered You Had Risen 08:18
3.To Blackened Skies I Suffer 09:14
4.All That Remains 06:28
5.Naked She Lay To The Virgin Snow 10:37
6.I Bleed 08:45
7.Last Embrace 05:10
8.A Dream Unremembered 03:41

Total playing time 57:29

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