Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thorns of the Carrion - The Willow Weeps For Me (Demo 1995) / At Sudsy Malone's (EP 2001)

The Willow Weeps For Me (Demo 1995)

Genre : Funeral Doom / Death Doom
Country : United States

This Demo contains two unreleased crushing tracks, with excellent atmosphere, screaming growls, and obscure melodies!

1.The Willow Weeps For Me (Part 1) 06:34
2.The Willow Weeps For Me (Part 2) 06:40

Playing time 13:14

At Sudsy Malone's (EP 2001)

This is a Live EP of the band playing in the Cincinnati local bar "Sudsy Malone's."

1.The Story of the Leaves 08:06
2.The Lover's Melancholy 10:09
3.The Willow Weeps for me 07:08
4.Naomi's Waters 06:38
5.Orchids Upon Carrion Fields 08:27

Playing time 40:28
Total playing time 53:42

Download Demo 1995 + EP 2001

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