Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Gathering - Nighttime Birds (1997)

Genre : Atmospheric Melancholic Doom
(Female Vocals)
Country : Netherlands

This is the fourth album of this great band, and their best melancholic work. In this album Anneke van Giersbergen sings in her best performance, a beautiful voice with infinite melancholy and sadness. The atmosphere is quiet and sorrowful, accompanied by heavy guitars with beautiful melodies.
My favorite song is "Confusion", because it's depressive Doom in his most painful and dark essence, with heartbreaking riffs. I listened this album by first time 10 years ago, and till now his capacity to depress seems incredible to me. This is my favorite album of this band, an amazing work. One of the best melancholic albums of all times!

This album is dedicated to all lonely and depressive souls that roam in this misery world.

1.On Most Surfaces 06:52
2.Confusion 06:30
3.The May Song 03:43
4.The Earth is My Witness 05:31
5.New Moon, Different Day 06:06
6.Third Chance 05:26
7.Kevin's Telescope 03:22
8.Nighttime Birds 06:55
9.Shrink 03:59

Total playing time 49:14

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