Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thalarion - Tunes of Despondency (2002)

Genre : Melodic Black Gothic Doom
Country : Slovakia

This is the fourth album of the band. Interesting work with emotional and melancholic melodies, intricate riffs, slow and fast moments, aggressive growls and female vocals.
For fans of The Sins of Thy Beloved, early Tristania, Penumbra, etc.

1.911 - As The War Raged 03:29
2.My Bitter Overstrain 04:44
3.Tunes Of Despondency 04:17
4.A Tatrastream Romance 05:50
5.Tatyana 03:58
6.My Weakness 05:22
7.Confined 04:24
8.The Endless Cacophony 06:06
9.Fly Away 03:44

Total playing time 41:59

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