Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vigilia Septima - Two Moments (Demo 2003)

Genre : Melancholic Gothic Doom Death
Country : Germany
Link Reuploaded!

Vigilia Septima has been the most requested band for long time, and finally I can post the complete discography. Their style is Doom Death with Gothic influences, melodic riffs, mournful melodies, melancholic atmosphere, sad keyboards, deep grunts and painful clean vocals. The melodies are melancholy, sadness, pain, bleakness, and hopeless. This Demo is very hard to find and essential! Highly recommended!!!
1.In Oceans We Dwell 05:26
2.Ophelia's Path 06:48

Total playing time 12:14


Unknown said...

Not Bad ! ! ! ! .

Eleazar said...

Thanks buddy but Might you post the EP The drowning of Vigilia Septima too?