Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ablaze in Hatred - The Quietude Plains (2009)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Finland

Second album of the band. In this work they play their best Doom, it's a mature work with excellent melodies, and melancholic sound. The guitars are very well performed with melodic riffs, some passages almost in the vein of Shape Of Despair; it's lacking originality but are good riffs. The vocals are powerful grunts.
In synthesis it's a good album!
Release date January 21, 2009

1.A Walk Through the Silence 10:22
2.Perfection of Waves 07:28
3.The Wandering Path 08:13
4.Beyond the Trails of Torment 07:13
5.The Quietude Plains 08:52
6.My Dearest End 09:36
7.Therefore I Suffer 11:18

Total playing time 01:03:02

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