Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Fall of Every Season - Neglected's Motif (Demo 2005)

Genre : Melancholic Doom Death
Country : Norway

This is the excellent Demo of this sorrowful band. The style is in vein of their debut album "From Below". The melodies are melancholy, sadness, suffering, solitude, and hopeless. The vocals are deep grunts and painful clean vocals.

This Doom is close to early Forest of Shadows, Doom VS (Dead Words Speak), Opeth, and Semper Dolens. This is one of the best demos I have heard! Highly recommended!!!

1.Scornful, Crowned By Leaves 07:00
2.Mere Wind Remained 07:25
3.A Porcelain Facade 07:00

Total playing time 21:25

Also you can listen the first album "From Below" :

The Fall of Every Season on MySpace :

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