Thursday, January 8, 2009

Murkrat - MurkRat (2008)

Genre : Doom Metal (Female Vocals)
Country : Australia

Murkrat is other good Australian band, it's formed by 2 women, Mandy and Becky, and this is their first psychotic album. Really great album with heavy riffs, dense atmosphere, hellish keyboards, and magnificent vocals. The riffs are very well worked with diverse melodies, slow, raw, obscure and sinister. The female vocals are amazing, accompanied by hypnotic chants, bewitched and psychotic female voices, also female growls. Highly recommended!

1.Believers 10:24
2.The predatory herd 08:53
3.Morality slug 11:23
4.Blessed are the rats 02:20
5.Alter-nativity 12:26
6.Hysteria ripple 10:13
7.Plague gestation 08:12
8.Devouring down the spiral 10:13

Total playing time 01:14:04

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