Friday, January 9, 2009

Ashen Mortality - Your Caress (1998)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death/Folk Influences
(Male and female Vocals)
Country : England

This is the second and last album of this magnificent band; from their ashes was born My Silent Wake, formed by Ian Arkley (vocals on My Silent Wake). Their sound and style have many resemblance to My Silent Wake, but with some differences. The guitars are very well worked with intricate and melodic riffs. The vocals are excellent with deep grunts, enigmatic female voices, and clean vocals in the vein of Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride).
This album is highly recommended!

1.Broken Bonds 01:28
2.Your Caress 07:31
3.In Empty Eyes 05:11
4.My Reflection 10:41
5.From This Cage 04:48
6.Our Eden 02:09
7.Through the Vale 05:36

Total playing time 37:24

Link to Ashen Mortality's first album (Sleepless Remorse) :

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