Monday, December 29, 2008

Dictator - The Pain Sessions (Demo 2006)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Doom
Country : Cyprus

This Demo is total darkness, misery, and anguish, with ultra slow riffs, distressing keyboards, dense atmosphere, cavernous growls and gloomy choir. It's a minimalist work in the most funereal essence. Highly recommended!

1.I Chorodia ton Daimonon (Intro) 04:56
2.The Procession of the Black Fog 11:18
3.Emptiness 10:22
4.Apo tis Eikones ton Archaion Necron (Outro) 04:43

Total playing time 31:20


Anonymous said...

I dont know why no one left a comment here......For me this demo is great, the sound is so depressive and suffered, my favorite track is emptiness.


Unknown said...

I agree with you, this ep is very cool, it sounds like the hell.

Hey!!! you are sacris because you like Aeternum Sacris? that band is great too.