Friday, November 28, 2008

My Dying Bride - Like Gods of the Sun (1996)

Genre : Melodic Doom
Country : England

This is the fourth full-length of the band. This work is their second album with clean vocals in all tracks. The melodies are darkness, melancholy and suffering. The clean vocals are anguish and sadness. The riffs are heavy and the atmosphere is dense. This album is a little more fast that their past works, but with the melancholic essence.

This album contains classic songs like "A Kiss to Remember", "It Will Come" and "For You".

1.Like Gods of the Sun 05:41
2.The Dark Caress 05:58
3.Grace Unhearing 07:19
4.A Kiss to Remember 07:31
5.All Swept Away 04:17
6.For You 06:37
7.It Will Come 04:28
8.Here in the Throat 06:21
9.For My Fallen Angel 05:55
10.It Will Come (Nightmare) (Bonus Track) 05:37

Total playing time 59:47

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Unknown said...

Nothing to say, they are THE MASTERS OF DOOM ! ! ! ! .