Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ataraxie - Live Doomination (2003)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death
Country : France

This is the official live album from Ataraxie, recorded at the Camdem Underworld (London) and released in 2003. It's a crushing performance! Highly recommended!!!

Track 1 Demo version, after released in 'Slow Trascending Agony'.
Track 2 & 4 from 'The Other Path' Demo
Track 3 & 5 unreleased tracks.
Track 6 Worship cover.

1.Funeral Hymn 07:28
2.The Other Path 07:21
3.The Other Path Pt.II 06:14
4.The Isle of the Dead 06:04
5.From Agony to Eternity 08:12
6.Whispering Gloom (Worship Cover) 15:10

Total playing time 50:33

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm not fan of the band's albums, but each time I saw them on stage, it was a great show, so I'm curious to listen this live.
(And if Ataraxie plays a gig near you, go see them. It worth it ;-))