Thursday, March 12, 2009

Neolithic - The Personal Fragment of Life (Demo 1993)

Genre : Progressive Doom Death
Country : Poland

Neolithic is an interesting band from Poland, their style has many influences, in the first albums they play Doom Death with progressive melodies, and in the last releases they are oriented into Gothic Metal with progressive influences and some Doom moments. This band has a very original sound, with melodic riffs, rhythm changes and mysterious melodies. Recommended for fans of progressive stuff!

1.Intro 01:26
2.Wickedness of the Objects 06:08
3.Nightly Friends 07:21
4.Unupdate Museum (In Memory of Bruno Schulz) 05:28
5.Undesirable Return 04:50
6.Landscape 05:40

Total playing time 30:53

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