Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dark Suns - Swanlike + 1 Bonus Track (2002)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Germany

This is one of my favorite albums!... This is the first album from Dark Suns, an extraordinary work full of beautiful darkness, melancholy, anguish, pain and suffering. Its melodies are impressive, Doom mixed with progressive metal influences, achieving a masterpiece. The sound of the guitars is excellent; their riffs are intricate and melodic. The keyboards are magnificent with progressive melodies very well performed. The clean vocals are perfect, expressing an incredible anguish and melancholy, accompanied by emotive guttural vocals.

In my favorite song "The Sun Beyond Your Eden" , the use of violin in the beginning of this track is an emotional and sad melody, the guitars are increasing the speed up to coming to a completely emotional moment, where the guttural voice puts the melancholy, along with a sad and depressive clean vocals. So track by track this album is a monumental work with a perfect ambience and absolute melancholy!
Essential listen this wonderful masterpiece!!!

1.Swanlike 11:28
2.Infiltration 05:32
3.The Sun Beyond Your Eden 08:48
4.Virtuous Dilemma 04:46
5.Inside Final Dreams 08:16
6.The Neverending 05:31
7.In Silent Harmony II (Instrumental) 03:09
8.Suffering (Bonustrack) 14:24

Total playing time 01:01:54

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