Friday, October 24, 2008

Novembers Doom - Amid Its Hallowed Mirth + 2 Bonus Track (1995 / Re-released 2001)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : United States

Excellent first album of this band, darkened melodies, crushing riffs, deep grunts and some distressing female choirs.

For fans of early My Dying Bride, old Tiamat, Mourning Beloveth, Officium Triste, etc.

1.Aurora's Garden 07:27
2.Amour of the Harp 07:20
3.Tears of the Beautiful 04:45
4.My Agony, My Ecstasy 05:04
5.Bestow My Desire 03:09
6.Chorus of Jasmine 07:12
7.Dance of the Leaves 02:49
8.Sadness Rains 04:45
9.A Dirge of Sorrow 05:02
10.Nothing Earthly Save the Thrill
11.Seasons of Frost

Total playing time 47:33

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