Friday, October 17, 2008

Cryptal Darkness - Endless Tears (1996)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Australia

Excellent first album of the band. Melodic riffs, grunts and clean vocals. Melancholic, sad and painful atmospheres. Very interesting!

1.Endless Tears 11:44
2.Lost Visions of Sanity 09:35
3.Departure of Autunm Tears 03:38
4.Darkened is my Soul 2:03
5.Winter Forever More 04:31
6.Descend Into Thy Grave 07:55
7.As the Flame Dies 01:36
8.To Drink From the Lake of Sadness 11:31
9.Entering the Eternal Drift 03:59

Total playing time 56:32

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Carlos said...

¡Por fin consigo ver cómo es la portada de este disco!
Las colaboraciones son bienvenidas, por supuesto, de momento ya he escogido a Mistress of the dead para una entrada ;)