Thursday, November 6, 2008

Of Darkness - Death (2004)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Spain

First work of the band. This is a obscure Funeral Doom, with sinister melodies, darkened atmosphere, very slow riffs, and deep grunts. For fans of Mournful Congregation, Nortt, Tyranny among others.

1.Death 33:13
2.Darkness 15:27

Total playing time 48:40


Anonymous said...

tanx from iran. what about *The Empty Eye 2005* of this band ?

Doomstermaniac said...

"The Empty Eye" Cd is self-financed by the band and the band is currently looking for a label to release "The Empty Eye".

catskin_gloves said...

Just stumbled onto your blog! Great fucking work!! Thanks as hell bro!!

Doom on!!