Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bosque / Senthil - Under the Capricorn Sky / Premeditation (Split 2006)

This Split contains 5 Funeral Doom tracks.


Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Portugal

Bosque plays raw Funeral Doom with slow melodies, some melodic riffs, keyboards, screaming vocals, and whispering voices.

1.Under The Capricorn Sky - Part I 07:22
2.Under The Capricorn Sky - Part II 12:48
3.Under The Capricorn Sky - Part III 07:50


Genre : Funeral Black Doom
Country : United States

Senthil plays Funeral Black Doom, with dense atmosphere, obscure melodies, distorted riffs, psychotic screams, and growls. This band is very sick, sinister and torturous.

4.Premeditation - Part I 16:22
5.Premeditation - Part II 16:03

Total playing time 01:00:25