Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dissolving of Prodigy - Štvanice (2008)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death /Pagan Metal
Country : Czech Republic

After 6 years from its last work. this Czech band performs this magnificent album. Beautiful melodies accompanied by flutes, heavy and melodious guitars, acoustic sections, pagan elements, powerful grunts and epic vocals. A masterpiece of this amazing band. Really very good album. The best of the Pagan Doom that I have heared!

1.Otvírání studánek / Zasnìný, zoufalý 05:59
2.Ústa vìdmy 06:49
3.Rozmluva s vìtrem 02:53
4.Štvanice 03:05
5.Rány Igorovy 04:25
6.Podstata bytí 03:35
7.Zlatá klec 02:38
8.Svìtlo v dáli 03:51
9.Úlitba 04:45
10.Zvon 04:42

Total playing time 42:45

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