Monday, November 17, 2008

Grave Flowers - Incarcerated Sorrows (2005)

Genre : Melancholic Doom /Gothic Rock
Country : Sweden

This is the second work from this Swedish band. They plays a Melancholic Doom with Gothic influences, acoustic passages, excelent riffs, beautiful melodies and depressive feelings. The vocals are clean. This is a melodic album for melancholic stuff.

1.At Night 05:45
2.Lackrosy 05:47
3.Fear of Future 06:53
4.Sleep Demons Sleep 06:50
5.Freeze the Time 05:59
6.Save me or Destroy me 04:42
7.Erase/Delete 05:07
8.Cold Despair 07:31
9.Your Memory Lives on 07:22
10.My Final Night 05:01
11.Leaving the Warzone (Count Raven Cover) 08:06

Total playing time 01:09:03

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