Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tiamat - Clouds / The Sleeping Beauty (1992) Classic Album

Genre : Doom Metal
Country : Sweden

This is the third album of the band, is a different work in the Tiamat's career. Its riffs are most slow and melodic, the atmospheres and melodies are very well performed, getting create many of the best Tiamat's songs. This is a great Doom album!!!
This album also contains the 5 tracks from "The Sleeping Beauty -Live in Israel"

1.In a Dream 05:12
2.Clouds 03:40
3.Smell of Incense 04:30
4.A Caress of Stars 05:27
5.The Sleeping Beauty 04:10
6.Forever Burning Flames 04:23
7.The Scapegoat 04:57
8.Undressed 07:08
9.In a Dream (Live) 05:01
10.Ancient Entity (Live) 06:32
11.The Sleeping Beauty (Live) 04:30
12.Mountain of Doom (Live) 05:28
13.Angels Far Beyond (Live) 08:50

Total playing time 01:09:50


Anonymous said...

Many Thanks for this too...great blog, great music and great you!!!

Greetings form Italy


Unknown said...

A master piece!.