Friday, October 24, 2008

Paradise Lost - Draconian Times / Ltd.Ed. 2 Cds (1995) Classic Album

Genre : Melodic Doom
Country : England

This is the fifth Paradise Lost album, and really is one of the best albums from the band, and the best Doom Gothic work without female vocals. This album is a perfect mix of Melodic Doom and Gothic influences with some symphonic arrangements. The guitars are very melodic, in the best performance, with great riffs, and guitar solos, accompanied by keyboards, creating emotional melodies, with full melancholy and sadness. Nick Holmes sings with clean vocals on a particular style, raw and melodic. Draconian Times is the most musically forceful work of Paradise Lost's career; unfortunately their last Doom album in this era. Highly recommended!!!

The Disc 1 contains "Draconian Times" regular edition, the Disc 2 contains live tracks, demos & B-sides.

Disc 1

1.Enchantment 06:04
2.Hallowed Land 05:03
3.The Last Time 03:27
4.Forever Failure 04:18
5.Once Solemn 03:04
6.Shadowkings 04:42
7.Elusive Cure 03:21
8.Yearn for Change 04:19
9.Shades of God 03:55
10.Hands of Reason 03:58
11.I See Your Face 03:17
12.Jaded 03:27

Playing time 48:55

Disc 2

1.Embers Fire (live) 4:27
2.Daylight Torn (live) 7:28
3.True Belief (live) 4:24
4.Pity The Sadness (live) 5:15
5.As I Die (live) 3:40
6.Weeping Words (demo) 3:51
7.The Last Time (demo) 3:28
8.Walk Away (taken from : "The Last Time" single) 3:24
9.Laid To Waste (taken from : "The Last Time" single) 3:16
10.Master Of Misrule (taken from : "The Last Time" single) 3:07
11.Forever Failure (Edit) 4:45

Playing time 47:05

Download Disc 1

Download Disc 2


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