Friday, April 10, 2009

Solstice - Halcyon + 2 Bonus Track (EP 1996 / Re-released 2000)

Genre : Epic Doom Metal
Country : England
Link Reuploaded!

This EP is realised with the same vocalist from "Lamentations" album, is an excellent work and amazing Epic Doom. Crushing riffs, emotional melodies, dense atmosphere, medieval moments and perfect vocals. This EP is for collection and includes 2 bonus tracks. Highly recommended!

1.The Ravenmaster 01:45
2.To Ride With Tyr 07:09
3.Graven Deep 06:57
4.Halcyon 03:08
5.Gloves Of Metal (Manowar cover) 05:23
6.Only the Strong (Bonus Track - Different mix) 08:18
7.Winter Moon Rapture (Bonus Track - Different Mix) 07:00
8.[Untitled Hidden Track] 05:06

Total playing time 44:46

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