Friday, March 27, 2009

Arcana Coelestia - Le Mirage de L'ideal (2009)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Black Doom
Country : Italy

This is the second Arcana Coelestia's album. In this album they play an awesome Funeral Black Doom with Ambient influences, obscure atmosphere, melodic riffs, depressive melodies, sorrowful keyboards, claustrophobic sound, screaming vocals, deep grunts, melancholic clean vocals, and some lyrical female voices.
This album is highly recommended!!!

For fans of Dictator, Urna, Nortt, The Austrasian Goat, Elysian Blaze, Furva Ambiguitas, Funeral Mourning and Forgotten Tomb.
Release date : April 2009

1.Duskfall 10:55
2.Requiem (For The Fathomless Void Of Redemption) 08:18
3.Le Mirage de L'ideal 07:34
4.Tragedy & Delirium I - The Tragedy 05:34
5.Tragedy & Delirium II - The Delirium 06:46
6...Thus Fade in Nocturnal Deluge 10:27
Total playing time 49:32

Link to first album of the band :


iiiiiii said...

Their first album was a great one for me, and this 'Mirage de l'idéal' seems more varied and probably even better.
2009 starts very well for funeral doomsters !

Anonymous said...

funeral FOREVER the best DOOM genre.

Anonymous said...

tanx from iran. and look at this if u have time

Anonymous said...

Hey Iran boy that is AMBIENT WTF men? I listen there. Why people dont respect the genre? please you are killing the DOOM with post rock shit.

Anonymous said...

hey doctor that band work in drone doom genre ! open your eyes and check again !


Anonymous said...

Hum WTF drone doom you think that is DOOM? really DOOM? please, I agree with the above comment.

DRONE DOOM is listen by post rockers and some doomers - SOME LAME DOOMERS ( FOR ME NOT REAL DOOMERS ) , If you see the wear and style of that drones musician you can see they are not DOOMERS they are NERDS, maybe the stupid of any class.

You know Nadja? see this pair of stupids and then talk to real doomers about that OK BOY....

tHE piece of shit you recommended is the same kinf of music of post rockers sound, you listen any post rock band? go to listen that and then you can speak.

If any stupid L7 thinks drone doom is Doom, FIRST need to investigate where the drone dooms born, and then you can speak about that.

SO DRONE DOOMERS ARE SHIT, and if you like bands like 552000 or nadja, WTF you are doing here?.

If any stupid write on metallum 552000 is a DOOM band is because that stupid like the bands you like.

Greetings from POLAND.

Anonymous said...

...ladys comment the album here, not that shit genre named DRONE DOOM.

great work DOOMSTERMANIAC this is the best doom blog ever, but I hope you dont post more drone bands. Really men the droners I meet are teens they are CHILDRENS.


Anonymous said...

hey guys listen to drone doom genre is not that easy ! you must know and listen all doom genre and then u can listen to drone ! and enother thing ,the drone is one of doom genre and u guys cant split it !! its easy for anyone to talk like a pro doomster in here !! who knows u ??!! we will see drone dooms albums in this blog again. and i realy sorry for you with that talking way. tanX to my friend in milan. Omid.

Anonymous said...

...and who are you?....A droner ****

Anonymous said...

This album is great, I like so much and I think to purchase it.

About the others comments, I think Drone Doom is not doom is drone rock or drone music, I dont like that music because the fans of that are post rockers. In other post some one tell us about the Boris fans, he say the Boris fans here in Japan are not Doomers the fans of Boris are shoegazers. He say all........when i go to EEUU I meet the fans of another drone doom band named Nadja and is the same case like Boris, the fans are shoegazers not real Doomers.

Carlos Orellana - Chile

good job doomstermaniac.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carlos Hello I say that you write in a post of the second eloxims albums but you forget I like Boris and I say that too. Really I like only boris in «Drone Doom» sub genre because time ago I listen and play post rock, shoegaze, ethereal music and avangarde noise.

But I like Boris if I listen it with a drone music band or post rock band only in that kind of music but I dont like Boris if I compare with anothers Doom Metal bands because the differences are big .

For me Boris is not a Doom metal band is a drone music rock band and I like it and after I listen many «Drone Doom metal» bands I can say all are differents they are not similar among them maybe because is a new subgenre and need time to establish its bases.

Another point is, when I go to some Boris concert here in Japan, the fans are shoegazers, stoners, rockers, punks, post rockers, but only 10 percents are real metal headbangers that point endorses my words.

For example my post rockers and shoegazers friends actually listen and like Boris, Nadja,Sunn O)))etc why=? that is because on post rock scene are many bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor! with a very similar feeling and sound with some «drone doom metal» bands.

Personally I never like some post rock bands that is the reason I not play that kind of music anymore
but it is necessary to respect the tastes of the others and not to forget that the root is the blues rock.


Anonymous said...

the more antique root I say....


Anonymous said...

Entendido amigo Sacris, concuerdo contigo en diferenciar grupos supuestos de drone doom y calificarlos como drone rock, asi entendiedo el gusto y se puede apreciar aquella musica, quiza mi problema sea que no quiero ver el genero doom metal malogrado como se ha pasado con la escena post rock.

Carlos Orellana