Friday, March 27, 2009

Eloxim & Inhumanist - Primordial Echoes (Split 2009)

This release contains tracks from 2 extreme bass bands. Eloxim plays Funeral Drone Doom with distorted basses, ultra-heavy melodies, melodic slow passages, and obscure sound. And Imhumanist plays Drone Doom with raw sound, distorted bass, noise influences, and crushing monotonous melodies. These bands are highly recommended for lovers of this extreme genre!

Thanks to my friend Ramiel for sharing this new release!


Genre : Drone Funeral Doom
Country : Greece

1.Abstract thoughts 20:22
2.Into the void 11:31
3.Serenity 15:41


Genre : Drone Noise Doom
Country : Croatia

4.Beyond Nothingness 04:05
5.Helios 02:45
6.Point of No Return 02:52
7.Primitive Filth 03:40

Total playing time 01:00:56


Anonymous said...

Hey Hello Doomstermaniac, please post more Funeral DOOM is the best ever, many people dont like the new generation of doomers because is like New Metal in Metal, you understand me? I hope no one gets HUNGRY for my WORDS, is my opinion.


Anonymous said...

muerte al drone doom........

saludos desde mejico.

alexandros said...

Nice shit dude! i liked elwxim more but nice bands anyway.


Anonymous said...

gran blog amigo doomstermaniac te saludo desde Lima, y pues coincido con el pinche buey de mexico jejeje muerte al drone doom un estilo que por lo menos aqui en Lima lo escuchan los mocosos y alienados.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, the gay of above this kind of genre kills the real Doom spirit.

alexandros said...

Whos gay little preak?! Watch your manners you stupid man. The gay thing is to sit behind you pc and make such comments as you..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments 1-2-4-5.

Carlos Orellana - CHILE

Anonymous said...

I DONT LIKE inhumanist is ugly, eloxim is more cool. but....just but.

Sacris said...

Dont left bad comments here, dont be childrens !!!!.....

Anonymous said...

After listen this trash I know why some fanzines given the most low average ever see on metal.

This guys dont do music only do noise without any other intrument, only noise and more noise, so for me this is not doom metal., because doom metal is more than a simple crappy noise.