Sunday, November 9, 2008

Shattered Hope - A View of Grief (Demo 2005) / Promo (Demo 2007)

Genre : Atmospheric Doom Death
Country : Greece

This band is a good surprise for me; their style is Doom Death with atmospheric passages, melodic riffs very well worked, keyboards, emotive deep grunts and clean vocals.
This material is highly recommended!
Thanks to George for send me their excellent releases!

A View of Grief (Demo 2005)

This is the first work of Shattered Hope; a melancholic Doom Death with beautiful darkness passages and devastating melodies. This work has passages full of sadness and melancholy.

1.Forgotten Chapter 01:16
2.Vital Lie 06:17
3.Wane 06:59
4.My Perfect Illusion 06:54
5.Hollow Promises 06:56
6.My Withering Soul 07:14

Playing time 35:38

Promo (Demo 2007)

This second Demo is a great release. The melodies are melancholy, depression, suffering, pain, and emotivity. The riffs are slower with beautiful and dark melodies; accompanied by sad keyboards, deep grunts and perfect clean vocals in an emotive style. This second Demo contains 2 tracks, for my are the best songs of the band. This material is a good anticipation of the forthcoming album debut.
1.Shadows from the Past 10:06
2.Enlighten the Darkness 08:46
Playing time 18:52
Total Playing Time Demos 54:30
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MySpace (Shattered Hope)
Website (Shattered Hope)

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