Monday, December 29, 2008

Ankhagram - ReANKHarnation (2006)

Genre : Dark Gothic Doom Death
Country : Russia

This is the first album of the band, in the beginning their style was Doom Death mixed with Dark and Gothic Metal influences. The atmosphere is dense with some classical arrangements, keyboards and acoustic passages. The vocals are harsh guttural and semi-screaming . It's an interesting album although very different to their last works. Recommended!

1.We’re Lost In Shadows Of Night 04:27
2.One Day 04:20
3.Dancing In The Midnight Sun 03:21
4.When The Shadows Die 07:07
5.Don’t Let Me Go Away 04:42
6.Empty Life 05:31
7.Forget 03:42
8.Dark Autumn Night 04:12
9.Empty Life [rare demo] 02:45

Total playing time 40:07

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